Finland led NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea for the first time 21:59

Ships from Finland, Sweden, Estonia, France, the UK, the USA and NATO are participating in the Finnish Navy’s Freezing Winds 23 (FRWI 23) exercise. This was reported by TASS Referring to the Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence.

The objectives of the exercise include improving the “tactical capabilities of the Finnish Navy”.

“The exercises allow us to test our ability to conduct joint maritime operations quickly and effectively,” said 4th Fleet Commander Anders Backström.

He emphasized that this strengthens the army’s ability to respond quickly to changes in the security situation.

The previous day Russian Ministry of Defense Reacted About attempts to deploy NATO forces to the Asia-Pacific region. According to Alexander Fomin, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, under the pretext of the indivisibility of the security of the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific region, Western countries are actually deploying their forces and infrastructure here.

It was previously known that Türkiye, Romania and Bulgaria were together will make To clear the Black Sea of ​​mines.

Source: Gazeta


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