Four defendants accused of theft worth 36,000 euros at a shopping mall in Alicante were acquitted

Alicante 7th Criminal Court acquitted four defendants To join robbery He suffered a woman’s pain in 2017 They stole over 36 thousand euros From a collection of three businesses in the Plaza Mar 2 shopping center in Alicante. Two of the defendants were acquitted, one made a defense lawyer José Luis Sánchez Calvo, These were employees of a business from which the victim collected recovery money. In the decision, it was stated that the crimes of the four defendants could not be proven. They faced prison sentences of four and three years and six months. participated or cooperated in some way in the planning and execution of the robbery.

Material liability is attributed to the brother of one of the acquitted business employees, whose whereabouts are unknown and where Sánchez Calvo defended him.

The events considered proven in the sentence occurred shortly before twelve noon. July 28, 2017 at the mall Plaza in Alicante 2 March. The woman, the coordinator of three commercial workplaces, was carrying 36 thousand 774 euros in two bags and was on her way to the upper floor where the shopping mall parking lot was located. approached from behind by a man hiding his face with a scarf. The attacker struggled with the victim until he took two bags containing the money he collected from three businesses and ran away. The victim suffered minor scratches due to the struggle with the robber.

insufficient evidence

According to the judge of Criminal Court No. 7 of Alicante, the evidence against the four defendants is not sufficient to prove their participation or cooperation in the robbery. At the trial, both the prosecutor’s office and the special prosecutor’s office argued that two employees knew that the victim would go to the store that day and take money from the collection, and that the brother of one of these workers was the author of the material. However, the decision states: There is no direct evidence and the reporting judge emphasizes that the whereabouts of the person considered to be the author of the material are unknown, He never declared himself under investigation and the investigating judge did not even declare him in absentia. Therefore, the decision states that concluding that the defendant employee’s brother is the author of the material “would amount to smuggling.” guarantee It is essential in all criminal proceedings.

The victim previously testified Police The verdict shows that he was able to see the robber’s face on August 5, but did not make that point on the day of the attack. The woman recognized the brother of the acquitted employee from the photographs at the police station, but the judge stated that this did not constitute evidence because There was no recognition on the steering wheel in court or at a hearing.

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