Former Qatari princess Casia Gallanio dies in Spain

On Sunday, May 29, the body of Kasia Gallanio, the third wife of Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the uncle of the Emir of Qatar, was found in Spanish Marbella. This has been reported weather.

He was found dead in his own home. The 45-year-old woman’s cause of death is thought to be a drug overdose, but the investigation is not yet complete. No signs of violent death on the body.

Kasia Gallanio met with Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani, now 73, who has lived in exile in France since 1992 and allegedly attempted a coup in Europe. She married a Qatari aristocrat in 2004. The couple had three daughters, but Casia Gallanio left her husband accusing him of sexually abusing one of the girls. Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani denied this.

Casia Gallanio took her daughters to Spain. She sued her husband for custody of the children for 10 years, but she recently lost the case. The girls were given to their father – now they live with him in France.

Casia Gallanio has recently lived alone, suffers from depression and abuses alcohol, French media reported.

Source: Gazeta


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