Demand for cleaning services in Russia increased in two months

This year, Russians began to use the services of specialists more often in cleaning the premises and cleaning things and clothes. A study of the Avito Services service taken by revealed that the demand for various types of cleaning has increased sharply, especially in the last two months.

“So, from April to May 2022 alone, the demand for Avito cleaners in Russia increased by 51% and by 41% year-on-year, compared to two months ago,” the study says.

In April and May, cleaning specialists were especially actively invited in Siberia: in Krasnoyarsk the demand was 86%, in Tyumen – 82%, in Omsk – 80%, in Irkutsk – 77%), in Novosibirsk – 68 It increased %.

At the same time, window cleaning demand increased by 5.5 times and dry cleaning demand increased by 41% in April-May.

In addition, Russians began to involve specialists more often for carpet cleaning (+72% in April and May) and upholstered furniture (+42%).

“Furthermore, on the eve of summer, consumers have a full inspection of all unnecessary things in the house, so the demand for garbage collection services is growing (+59% in 2 months,” they add.

Finally, services requested included post-renovation cleaning – demand increased by 52% in two months – and general cleaning of buildings (+45%).

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Source: Gazeta


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