Russian companies will have to replace 4,000 garbage trucks due to sanctions

Denis Butsaev, head of the Russian Environmental Operator (REO), said: RBCthat in five years, waste collection operators must completely replace garbage trucks from Western countries.

The EU has imposed restrictions on the delivery of goods to the Russian Federation. In this regard, the supply of spare parts for cars was also stopped, after which the supply was stopped by the Japanese Nissan. These companies supplied Russia with 3.8 thousand garbage trucks in Russia. They held 25% of the market.

Now this fleet will be changed to Russian (KamAZ and GAZ), Belarusian (MAZ) and Chinese. It will cost 45 billion rubles.

EU sanctions ban the export of trucks and special equipment to Russia, including truck tractors, medium-duty trucks, concrete mixers, bulldozers, tractors, communal street sweepers and dump trucks. Russian manufacturers to express A request to replace these products. Experts explain that imported trucks in our country make up one third of the fleet and that it will not be possible to replace them in the short term.

Source: Gazeta


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