Juliette Binoche receives Donostia Award

French actress Juliette Binoche will receive a Donostia Award from the USA. San Sebastian FestivalIt will take place from September 16-24. Also French actress stars on the official poster of the festival’s 70th edition.

Zinemaldi’s director, José Luis Rebordinos, announced at a press conference in San Sebastián that Binoche will receive the award at a gala at the Kursaal Conference Center that will include the screening of the movie ‘Avec amour et acharnement (Fire)’. The film directed by Claire Denis and won the Silver Bear for Best Director at the last Berlin Film Festival.

Binoche, who won an Oscar for his work in ‘The English Patient’ (‘The English Patient’, Anthony Minghella, 1996), will visit the city for the fourth time to receive one of this year’s Donostia Awards. extensive career playing around 75 charactersfrom powerful heroes to fragile beings, through historical figures, dramatic roles and comic roles”.

Dimension, the San Sebastian company responsible for creating this year’s posters, used a portrait of Juliette Binoche, taken by photographer Brigitte Lacombe, to create the official poster for the 70th edition, featuring the actress.

The rest of the posters in the different sections represent “a tribute to the look and all the ways of looking at life and cinema.”Announced Rebordinos.

The section devoted to Basque cinema, Zinemira will feature its own poster for the first time in a collection of images that aims to be “a tribute to the look and every perspective on life and cinema.” As Dimension’s president Guille Viglione recalls, “cinema is a way of looking, the director constructs a filtered reality with their gaze, the viewer expands their view of the world, and the actors look into the camera to convey the essence of their characters.”

In these messy times, the more we pretend to see, the less time we have to observe.“To stop looking at something is to appreciate it,” he added.

Binoche (Paris, 1964) made his film debut with ‘Liberty Belle’ (Pascal Kané, 1983), followed by works by filmmakers such as Jean-Luc Godard (‘Je vous salue, Marie / I greet you,’ María’, 1985) , Jacques Doillon (‘La vie de famille’, Official Selection, 1985) or André Techiné (‘Rendez-vous/ La cita’, 1985), whom he meets again years later in ‘Alice et Martin’. (‘Alice and Martin’, 1998). The iconic ‘Mauvais sang’ (‘Bad blood’, 1986) made his first collaboration with Leos Carax and on his orders also filmed ‘Les amants du Pont-Neuf’ (‘The Lovers of the Pont-Neuf’, 1991).

Since the beginning of his career, he has alternated titles shot in French with many other films made in English, such as literary adaptations of “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” (“The Unbearable Lightness of Being” by Philip Kaufman, 1988).‘Wuthering Heights’ (‘Wuthering Heights’, Peter Kosminsky, 1992) or ‘Damage’ (‘Wound’, Louis Malle, 1992), starring alongside Daniel Day-Lewis, Ralph Fiennes and Jeremy Irons, respectively.

Binoche played a grieving woman in the film that opened Krzysztof Kieslowski’s famous trilogy ‘Trois couleurs: Bleu’ (‘Three Colors: Blue’, Zabaltegi, 1994), for which she received an award for her work. Best Actress and César Award at the Venice Festival, the distinction he favored nine more times. He was also the novelist George Sand in ‘Les enfants du siècle’ (‘Intimate Confessions of a Woman’, Diane Kurys, 1999). However, she gained international recognition for her role as a nurse in ‘The English Patient’ (‘The English Patient’, 1996), which won her the Best Supporting Actress Oscar and the Best Actress Award at the Berlin Festival.

He worked under the command of European filmmakers such as Jean-Paul Rappeneau, who put the Official Section of the San Sebastian Festival out of competition with ‘Le hussard sur le toit’ (‘The hussar on the Roof’, 1995); Chantal Akerman (‘Un divan à New York / Romance en Nueva York’, 1996), Patrice Leconte (‘La veuve de Saint-Pierre / La viuda de Saint-Pierre’, 2000), Lasse Hallström (‘Chocolate’, 2000) , John Boorman (‘Country of My Skull/ A Country in Africa’, 2004) and Michael Haneke (‘The Secret’, with whom he shot ‘Code inconnu: Recit incomplet de divers voyages’ (‘Unknown Code’, 2000) and ‘Cache’ , 2005). In 2002 she also appeared in ‘Décalage horaire’ (‘Jet Lag’, Danièle Thompson).


Other titles in his filmography include ‘Mary’ (Abel Ferrara, Perlak, 2005), ‘Le voyage du ballon rouge’ (‘The Flight of the Red Balloon’, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, 2007), ‘Disangagement’ (Amos Gitai, 2007) and ‘Shirin’ (Abbas Kiarostami, 2008), with whom she again worked on ‘Copie Conme’ (‘Certified copy’, 2010), is a love story set in Tuscany that won her the Best Actress in a Cannes Film. Festival.

Her recent works include Hirokazu Koreeda’s ‘La vérité’ (‘The Truth’, Perlak, 2019) and ‘Ouistreham’ (‘On a quay in Normandy’, Emmanuel), where the actress travels to San Sebastian for the third time. Carrère, 2021) joined Perlak last year and won the City of San Sebastián Audience Award for best European film.

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