The price of electricity fell 5.6 percent to 191 euros on Saturday.

According to the data presented by the Iberian Electricity Market Operator (OMIE), Efe consulted, the price of electricity is almost five times what was recorded a year agoWhen it costs 43.16 euro/MWh.

According to time zones, The maximum price for this Friday will be posted between 21:00 and 22:00.With 241.87 euro/MWh, the minimum will be 136.59 euro/MWh between 3:00 and 4:00.

The price of electricity in the first fourteen days of May on average 192.50 euro/MWhAt 283.3 euros/MWh, it’s about 32% below March, the most expensive month in history, but nearly double the 2021 average (111.4 euros/MWh), the highest since records were available.

According to the information system of operator Red Eléctrica, Esios, the voluntary price for small consumer (PVPC) paid by citizens (approximately 11 million users) who have contracts in the regulated market is placed at: 282.89 euro/MWh on average this Friday, % of the price set on Thursday 6.7 more.

This PVPC data includes the result flagged in the daily ‘pool’ (today €202.99/MWh) in addition to other intraday market charges and variable part monthly electricity bill.

The Council of Ministers gave the green light this Friday to limit the price of gas used for electricity generation. reduce electricity bill by almost 40% for consumers covered by rates indexed to the wholesale market (pool). To this extent consumers will benefit PortugalThe price of the ‘Pool’ will be the same as Spain, with which it shares a market this Friday.

In the rest of Europe, markets remain similar: France averages 183.59 Euros/MW, Germany slightly less, 152.97 Euros/MW, and the United Kingdom, 126.45 Euros/MW.

Source: Informacion


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