Oltra frames relays at Consell as “normal” and says she feels “supported”

At the start of a global reorganization at the Valencian Executive, Consell’s vice president, Mónica Oltra, this Friday framed changes to a “normal” scenario. Normality as well as “stability” to face the final phase of a legislature that will conclude in a year at the most. The regional spokesperson closely followed the strategy outlined by the Generalitat head. Ximo Puigfirst of all, he tries to conceive of unity within the framework of a governmental crisis that finally has a greater scope than expected, as it affects not only the socialist share of Botany, but also the Compromise. While the Valencians assured that they would not make any changes to its structure, the hasty departure of Education Minister Vicente Marzà actually revealed that: Oltra has no control over movements The reason for this depth was Marzà, who, at least in this case, set the times for the leader of the coalition. But at the same time, when the Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policies, who wasn’t quite at her best, found herself on the verge of a possible accusationtried to reflect his strength, emphasizing that he felt supported by both Consell and his party. That’s why it stays where it is, at least for now.

The Generalitat spokesman, in his weekly appearance after Consell’s plenary meeting, tried to align with the chairman of the Generalitat and commented on the change in Socialist-led ministries, before Puig announced it publicly. But she was the one who had to manage deadlines, and Oltra, as she remembered, respected this rushed decision-making process. The resignation of Manolo Mata as mayor of the socialist parliamentary group andCourts. “Sometimes, this tetris is not easy,” said the vice-president, who denied that this wave of changes represented the end of the Botànic Government cycle. Because he also argued that no further transfers are expected in the first step of the Generalitat, regarding the coalition of which he is the co-spokesperson. Thus, the promotion of Raquel Tamarit, so far Regional Secretary of Culture and Sports, to Minister of Education is, in principle, the only change in the Compromís quota in the Valencian Government. “If I thought it was inadequate, I would have made another move. I usually do what I think,” OItra said. That didn’t happen after Marzà’s unexpected resignation, after even the board of trustees of Cortes, Papi Robles, or Economy Minister Rafa Climent argued until a few days ago that no changes were being considered in the ministries headed by Compromís. however, he will retain his seat in Cortes. For this reason, and as can be understood from his words, Climent will continue to lead; Mireia Molla in Agriculture and Oltra herself as head of Equality and Inclusive Policies.

Regarding criticism from the opposition, who saw this government crisis as the end of a phase, the vice president objected that PP, Cs and Vox should “worry about their cycles”. “Don’t let them suffer, we’re already organizing ourselves at Consell,” he said, noting that “everyone has their own rhythm” and that the second vice president has already changed with the departure of Rubén Martínez Dalmau a few months ago. .

As for Marzà’s farewell, he stressed that his coalition partner Consell received “warm applause” from “everyone” at the last plenary session. “We embraced a little more than was necessary,” he admitted. After all, it was a time when it was uncertain who would attend the next plenary session, given that the remodeling Puig completed could impact the areas of Finance, Health, Innovation and Regional Policy. Carolina Pascual and Arcadi Spain lead respectively.

Source: Informacion


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