Jeweler Stone announced the price of the ring on Rihanna’s toe as 22:40.

Jewelery expert Maxwell Stone of Steven Stone Jewelers explains how much a ring on Rihanna’s leg costs. reported that Page Six.

Rihanna shared a photo on her TikTok account where she showed off a photo with black sandals and a nose ring. The framework caused a large number of questions from subscribers. Later, Jeweler Stone determined the price of the piece. The gem turned out to be worth $1,380 (about 110,000 rubles).

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky first became parents in May 2022. They had a son named Rhys Athelston. They named their first child after Wu-Tang Clan leader Robert Diggs, better known by his stage name RZA.

The stars are currently expecting a baby again, possibly a girl. The singer announced her second pregnancy during Super Bowl 2023, nine months after her first birth.

Previously reportedA pregnant Rihanna starred in her own brand’s new campaign in lingerie.

Source: Gazeta


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