Former Zenith actor Radimov: Semak will not let anyone play for beautiful eyes

Petersburg “Zenith” Vladislav Radimov said that the blue-white-blue composition remained strong, although most of the Brazilian legionnaires left the position of the team.

“Since the Brazilians have been released, there are reasons for that. Zenit has other players – those who play less will practice more.

We already know that Semak will not let anyone play for beautiful eyes,” said Radimova and continued her words as follows: “RB Sports”.

Claudinho and Wendel are already on vacation with the club’s permission. Both players will not take part in the remaining two games of the blue-whites’ Russian Premier League (RPL) against Sochi and Fakel Voronezh.

In addition, Malcom and Rodrigao, who flew to Brazil due to birth, will not be able to play in these matches. The defender will be examined for injury. Latin American players, St. He will return to Zenit until June 22, when the St. Petersburg club will begin preparations for the new season.

Former head coach of St. Petersburg “Zenith” Vlastimil Petrzhela discretion Blue-white-blue dominance in the Russian Premier League.

Source: Gazeta


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