To the conquest of Orihuela

Orihuela is gearing up for next Sunday’s election, which promises to be the most controversial election in recent times. Thus, the candidates of the five parties represented in the City Council – PP, PSOE, Ciudadanos, Cambiemos and Vox – ran a tough campaign that everyone believed would win.

Everything shows that the results do not give an absolute majority, so that the government will reach a compromise in successive days with the forces that managed to reach an agreement. In this scenario, the parties focused on collecting votes from the opposite side.

For example, Ciudadanos, led by José Aix, appealed to “PP voters who feel orphaned by a candidate”. [Pepe Vegara] He is accused of committing several crimes against the Public Treasury”, while also taking advantage of the opportunity to claim “a solid, solvable project with management experience and who knows what he wants for the future Orihuela”.

Meanwhile, he popularly attributes a “catastrophic or zero government” to the orange formation he and socialist Carolina Gracia led together seven years before former mayor Emilio bascuñana passed a no-confidence motion in April last year.

José Aix and Carolina Gracia before the no-confidence motion TONY SEVILLA

In this way, Vegara’s PP sent a message to voters who in their time elected “other political formations whose trajectory shows that they are looking after the interests of the two businessmen, not the municipality.” “. In other words: “What is presented today under the brand name Aix and with the small abbreviation Cs is nothing but the shadow of the CLR; Two investigated for cheating on municipal contracts are shamelessly on their list. , Ángel Noguera and Luisa Boné, two-time winner”.

In short, the populars stressed that “we must not fall into the clutches of these political parasites who aim only to thrive and turn the City Council into their own farmhouse or company.” In this battle for votes, the PP also included Antonio Cerdán, the head of the Costa party Claro, who had cast a beneficial vote against the Orihuela Costa Independence Party, which entered the election for the first time.

Vegara has repeatedly repeated that he is trying to win for the popular to reconquer the capital of Vega Baja. If the numbers don’t come out, Aix said Vegara “absolutely cannot take any public responsibility”, citing the prosecutor’s request for a seven-year prison sentence. And Vegara confirms that Ciudadanos and PSOE are running a joint campaign, a kind of non-aggression pact.

Manuel Mestre, of Vox and Air Force general, doesn’t get wet. He usually states that pacts will be defined by the support given to them by the citizens. At the same time, he attacks the criminal cases of the PP, Ciudadanos and PSOE (in the region) and presents himself as a candidate for “honesty”, a whip of corruption, and a “natural and mediocre ruling caste”. Thus, it aims to get more than two councilors they have ever had. Water, language policy, family, tax breaks and spending cuts and subsidies are its greatest assets.

Relations between the PSOE and Cambiemos are more strained, with the left-wing disillusionment in this final year of government with Gracia’s support. At that time, by throwing himself into the arms of Ciudadanos and crossing one of the red lines, the construction works of 2,200 houses started in Cala Mosca, the last kilometer of the virgin coast.

However, they accept that they are destined to understand each other, albeit partially. Carlos Bernabé of Cambiemos aims to increase his share of power – now with three councilors – to tip the balance in favor of “a transformative progressiveness to Oriolana”. In other words, he believes that if he does well, the Socialists will have no choice but to move away from Ciudadanos to join this progress.

Gracia marks the only red line to agree with Vox. At the same time, in a kind of reissue of Botánic a la Oriolana, he acknowledges the “edges” with his partner Ciudadanos and the “vocation of progress” with Cambiemos; The municipality needs to wake up and fix the confusion in public procurement.

Source: Informacion


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