Fashion historian Vasiliev called for visually aging shades in clothes 21:09

Fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev has listed three shades that visually age women. He talked about it in a recent article. Sound.

The specialist advised to avoid the following shades in clothes: olive, earthy and pale. According to the fashion historian, these colors show imperfections and accentuate circles under the eyes. He recommended choosing delicate tones instead of these colors.

“In the portrait zone, opt for peach and other delicate hues. This will not only add a blooming spring to your wardrobe, but also remove a few years and visually freshen your face, ”concluded the expert.

Previously reportedthat the stylist Rogov calls the main trends in women’s wardrobe bows and ties. Among the main trends, Alexander Rogov called clothes with a pea print, as well as ties and large bows. He emphasized that these trends can be observed in the fashion shows of Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and Valentino brands.

Source: Gazeta


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