A resident of the Pskov region killed a taxi driver, dumped his body in the forest and burned the car 21:01

A man shot and killed a taxi driver in the Pskov region and burned his car, reports press office Russia’s SU SK for the region.

On March 27, on the outskirts of Pskov, the body of a man with traces of criminal origin was found. After checking the information received and determining the violent nature of the victim’s death, the investigators of the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the heading “Murder”.

Later, law enforcement found that a 25-year-old local resident was involved in the crime. The man was reportedly previously convicted of violent crimes with mercenary motives.

Investigators believe the suspect clashed with the taxi driver who raised him on the night of March 27. After that, he shot her and pulled the deceased’s body out of the car. Then the killer got behind the wheel of a car and drove him to another part of the city. There he set the car on fire and fled the scene.

So far, the suspect has been arrested. Employees of the Investigative Committee are conducting investigative actions with him.

A drunk resident without a license, previously in Khabarovsk stole a car and killed a man.

Source: Gazeta


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