From “Die Die” to “Pulp Fiction”: Bruce Willis in five movies

Since that time Bruce Willis announced his retirement, and especially after it was made public that he was suffering from dementia, leaders of both film distributors and television networks in the country decided to keep the actor’s on-screen presence alive by broadcasting a portion of the twenty-odd series. – products that went bad in his last two years in the profession, in an A time trial attempt to expand his financial safety net before he was absolutely incapable of taking action. Perhaps they believe programming these movies is the most appropriate way to pay homage to their heroes, or perhaps they see them as a cheap way to make money at the expense of his illness. In any case, the fans are better Satisfy your desire for Willis following streaming platforms to search for the titles of her career that have benefited her and us the most. These five, for example.

Bruce Willis in the movie “Die Die”. EPC

“Die Hard” (1988)

John McClane is undoubtedly the first character that comes to mind when one thinks of Willis, his bare feet covered with crystals, his bloody imperial shirt, and a mocking dripping from his mouth. A speechless textbook hero who prefers to spend Friday night drinking a beer in front of the TV, rather than killing the terrorists holding his wife hostage at the top of Nakatomi Plaza one by one. Although he already had a fan base thanks to the series ‘Luz de luna’ (1985-1989) when he shot the movie, this movie made him a star. With him, he changed the course not only of his career, but also of action cinema in general. Yippie ki-yay!

Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction. EPC

Pulp Fiction (1994)

The opportunity to work with Quentin Tarantino, then Hollywood’s new golden boy, must have felt like a gift from God, to replace a boxer who decides to win a fight after taking money from the mob in exchange for his loss. Paradise after the successive failures of “The Bonfire of the Vanities” (1990), “The Great Falcon” (1991) and “Billy Bathgate” (1992). He is a sensitive character as well as cruel. We see him calling his girlfriend “strawberry face” but also making good use of the katana when two men kidnap her for the purpose of rape.

“12 Monkeys” (1996)

Willis hasn’t worked with many directors with a sensitivity as uniquely as Terry Gilliam’s, and ex-Monty Python has managed to pull out a hitherto hidden acting side from him in this brilliant dystopian sci-fi work about a mentally damaged prisoner sent back. Travel back in time on a mission to stop the spread of a virus that will take billions of lives. Never before had he been as emotionally exposed as he was here, playing a man desperately fighting for his sanity and his life, and maybe never again.

“Protected” (2000)

After the success of The Sixth Sense (1999), the actor did not consider working with M. Night Shyamalan again, this time as an ordinary man, a failed husband and father, which turned out not to be so. so commonplace after all. This is a film ahead of its time, deconstructing the superhero myth long before such characters became a collective movie obsession. Here, Willis perceives his lawless status as a burden. It’s not the world he wants to save, it’s just his own world.

Cycle (2012)

His last great movie. Directed by Ryan Johnson, Willis serves as a vehicle for interesting reflections on the passage as he avoids being eliminated by a younger version of himself before taking revenge on those who betrayed him—this is a complex hitman. time, fate and free will and the destructive effects of violence. He is a character who is overwhelmed by the weight of melancholy, regret and defeat, trying to save himself before his existence disappears.

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