Flightradar records Boeing RC-135W and two British Air Force fighter jets over the Black Sea 19:56

Service flight radar He recorded a British Air Force reconnaissance aircraft and two warplanes in the Black Sea off the Crimea.

According to the service, the start of the Boeing route cannot be determined, it is only known that around 17:30 Moscow time it made a circle over Romania and then flew east.

Formerly US strategic reconnaissance aircraft perceived in the Black Sea.

According to the information provided, the RQ-4B Global Hawk drone with the call sign FORTE11 took off from the NATO naval airbase Sigonella on the Italian island of Sicily on Tuesday, February 7, and at 17:00 (Moscow time) it already circles over the Black Sea, near the Russian border. by drawing

The drone flew about 90 kilometers in a straight line from Sevastopol, then 100 kilometers from Sochi to the coast of Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory.

It is known that the UAV flew over the region for 14 hours and took off at 07:30 on Wednesday, February 8th.

Source: Gazeta


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