Atresmedia is about to premiere a new Turkish series to be added to ‘Original Sin’ and ‘Family Secrets’.

The programming of Atresmedia’s thematic channels will continue to be fed with Turkish series. Nova hits theaters this Saturday The new Turkish TV series ‘Doctor Ali’ starring Taner ÖlmezShe is known for her role in ‘Medcezir’, which will be added to the fictions ‘The Original Sin’ and ‘Family Secrets’, which Antena 3 is currently publishing.

Besides the hero Taner Ölmez, ‘Dr Ali’ It has well-known Turkish translators such as Onur TunaHe also took part in the series that conquered television evenings, ‘A congenital sin‘, And Sinem UnsalHe also took part in the fiction of ‘My Daughter’.

tells the story of the series Alí Vefa (Taner Ölmez) is a young doctor with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).being able to see things other doctors can’t. And in addition, he suffers from Savant syndrome, better known as the wise man’s syndrome, a condition that awakens in him unimaginable abilities that will help him save many lives.

Ali is appointed as a surgical assistant at a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, where the doctor must overcome the prejudices of patients and colleagues, even though he has found a family that will appreciate his special talents.

His special talents and extraordinary talents will mark Ali’s personal and professional life and will affect his social relationships in both areas. Despite his great professionalism in medicine, the entire hospital does not want him to enter as a surgeon. Eventually, Ali takes his place as an assistant in the surgery, but within six months he has to show that he can meet the demands.

Ali has the ability to recognize and understand the patient’s needs, even in stressful situations. Despite this, the young expert is widely misunderstood and underappreciated. This is because his behavior is sometimes childish as a result of his illness.

Ali is born into a humble family where his mother and brother understand his illness, but his father does not. Playing his two brothers in his childhood, Ali hides in a mine and his brother dies in a dent in the mine. While in the hospital, Ali becomes so obsessed and interested in medicine that he can read and learn all of the medical books.

Eventually, her brother dies and her parents completely reject her, losing all contact with her parents.

But the series, which connects strange and very touching cases in each episode, is also moving towards love: Ali will find his first great love, doctor Nazlı, in the hospital. Ali falls in love for the first time. Nazlí is a very empathetic doctor who from the very beginning at the hospital made an effort to help and understand the young man.

So are the ‘Doctor Ali’ characters

ALI VEFAR (Taner Ölmez). A brilliant medical surgeon with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Savant Syndrome, also known as “Savant Syndrome”. These skills will make you very special both at work and in your private life.

NAZLI GÜLENGÜL (Sinem Ünsal). Doctor and Ali’s great love in the same hospital.

FERMAN ERYITITE (Honor Tuna). The hospital surgeon is a rather arrogant character. He is Adil’s apprentice and Beliz’s boyfriend.

ADİL ERİNÇ (Reha Özcan). Chief of the hospital. He is Ali’s mentor, so he hopes to become a great surgeon.

BELIZ BOYSAL (Hazal Türesan). He is the owner and lawyer of Berhayat Hospital. Despite being successful, he has a very simple character. He has a relationship with Ferman.

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