Yulia Savicheva explains why she couldn’t combine her career with motherhood 22:00

Singer Yulia Savicheva admitted that for the sake of the birth of a child and her own health, she had to take a long break from her artistic career. She talked about this in an interview with the broadcast. woman shot.

“My health was lame and my husband and I really wanted children, but it didn’t work out. My body refused to cooperate in this, giving signals that at first you need to take care of yourself from afar, and I’m a workaholic, I can’t stop, if I start driving, then that’s it! Shared by Yulia Savicheva.

According to the artist, at that moment “life almost hit his head” – due to constant illnesses, he decided to leave the stage.

“I remember tearfully calling Max Fadeev from the next tour to let me take care of my health and family. And I left to improve my health because I was constantly sick. I was probably home two or three days a month, the rest of the time I traveled. Well, it is clear that he is not an iron body, ”said Savicheva.

The singer added that after taking a break from her career, she flew on vacation with her husband – but everything did not work out right away.

It was as if we were relearning each other – we argued, argued, worked out relationships and rubbed ourselves. When we got used to it, everything happened: Anya appeared, ”confessed Yulia Savicheva.

At the same time, the body did not allow to combine career with motherhood.

“Any stress, any mood change affected the hormones. It was such a difficult process that of course I made this choice, I was not afraid. For some reason at that moment I was absolutely sure that I had chosen a family, and then we will see, ”said the singer.

Now her daughter is five years old, and the artist is proud of the creativity of the boy, showing talent in music and drawing, and a love of reading.

formerly Savicheva saidHow Fadeev gave him a “real scandal” because of his haircut.

Source: Gazeta


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