The network has a new render of iPhone 15 Pro with touch button 22:01

Twitter user ShrimpApplePro has posted a new image of the iPhone 15 Pro that clearly shows the touch buttons for volume control. Version 9To5Mac thinks ShrimpApplePro is a trusted insider source.

Journalists pointed out that the new model will use a single capacitive volume button instead of two separate ones, unlike previous iPhones. Additionally, they saw a new mute switch in the render – apparently it will also be touch-sensitive.

Another rendering detail that attracted the attention of 9To5Mac was the camera unit. Journalists claim that it will not stick out of the case as much as the iPhone 14 Pro and older models.

9To5Mac also stated that the base models of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will get the familiar mechanical volume and power keys.

Formerly Wrote Apple delayed the development of the HomePod with display as part of cost cuts. The savings are expected to help the company avoid massive layoffs.

Source: Gazeta


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