The update “Way of the Warrior” with the ship Kirishima has arrived in the online space action Star Conflict

Space Online Action Developers Star Conflict has announced the release of a major update “Way of the Warrior”. An event of the same name has been added where players can fight for the new Jericho ship Kirishima.

Kirishima’s attack plane is designed to patrol and defend outposts. The arsenal includes a power shield, a minesetter and an energy absorber from enemy ships.

The event will take place in two phases, the first lasting three months. For completing combat missions, pilots are rewarded with spaceship parts, resources, some “cosmetics” and other prizes. You can also earn xenochips in battle – this is a new currency that can be exchanged for unique items.

You can read more about the update on the game’s official website. Wildberries employees have nationalized the video game party

Source: VG Times


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