The gamer revealed that the “last secret” of The Witcher 3 is the body of the dead Vivienne. Developers have responded

YouTuber and Reddit user xLetalis said he’s “found” the third’s “last secret”The witch. It is related to Vivienne, bridesmaid of Princess Anna Henrietta from the supplement “Blood and wine.”

As you may recall, Vivienne has a rather unusual story. Once upon a time there was a girl who was cursed and at night she turns into a golden oriole. When Geralt discovers this, he offers to lift the curse with the help of a golden oriole: Vivienne will heal, but she will have to live as long as this bird – about seven years.

When the ritual is over, the lady-in-waiting leaves Toussaint and travels the world. The last time Geralt can meet Vivienne is in Novigrad. There she says she wants to go to the Skellige Islands to admire the rocks and sirens.

xLetalis has managed to find a sequel to the story. It turns out that players can find the body of a dead Vivienne in Kaer Trolde if they transfer the heroine to the islands using the console and wait seven in-game years. You can meditate for 2.5 thousand days or use the command through the same console.

The funny thing is that CD Projekt RED didn’t have time to finish the Easter egg, so Vivienne is in an unnatural position and keeps talking to Geralt.

The developers have already congratulated the gamer on the find and noted that in the future they will be able to fix the Easter egg. However, they have not confirmed that this is the latest secret. Who knows, maybe something more is hidden in the game.

Source: VG Times


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