Princesses are sad: goodbye to the fairy tale

Opening in Spain on December 2′Rebel empress’, original name ‘Corsage’After going through festivals like Cannes, Toronto and San Sebastian. ruled by Austria Marie Kreutzer and tells the story of Elizabeth of Austria, better known as Sissi. The filmmaker’s vision of the empress has little or nothing to do with that of the Austrian trilogy in which she starred. Romy Schneider in the 50s, when romance erased the character’s complexity and misfortune and smoothed out the rough edges of her life.

Kreutzer’s Sissi, skillfully played by Vicky Krieps (“The Invisible Thread”), is a 40-year-old woman who drowns in court and is very unhappy. This a free woman who is not allowedA woman who is aware that she lives in a world that oppresses and denies her, a force of nature in a cage. Compromises, obligations, and attacks (for example, the observation and surveillance that he is subjected to, distorts his self-image) eventually destroy him, but until the last moment, he is powerless. He decides his body and his love, his fights, his escapes and his desires.

goodbye to fairy tales

‘corset’ coincides with another suggestion about Sissi in time, Series Netflix ‘Empress’, kinder and less dark, but it is not exempt from a certain critical approach and a desire to observe character from a contemporary perspective. However, it is more connected with other recent films based on the need to change the fictional story around female characters that actually exist. it’s in the movies the desire to tell these women from less idealized perspectivesto shed light on their stories and explain what goes through their heads and insides, which in most cases is a relentless sadness, when they see their desire (freedom, having an identity) hit the wall.

In short, to do them some justice. a clear example ‘Spencer’ (2021), by Pablo Larraín, starring Kristen Stewart as Diana, Princess of Wales. Beginning with the staging and interpretation of Stewart, the director eschews traditional biography to isolate and visually represent the discomfort, loneliness, and constant misplaced feeling in the film. lady diA woman like Sissi was both admired and subject to close and social scrutiny.. Most of them were already in another movie by Larraín. ‘Jackie’ (2016), about Jacqueline Kennedy’s mix of power and desperation during the hours and days following the murder of her husband, President John F. Kennedy. Even more so than in ‘The Corsage’, in this almost phantasmagorical diptych where the traditional biography escapes and the psychological triumphs over the narrative, for one purpose: to put an end to mythologized stories, to remove these characters from the fairy tale and tell them. they are like real women.

Plus controversial, problematic and controversial these three moviesBlonde’ (2022), very liberal approach to shape Marilyn Monroeit also prevents idealization of a real character and suggests a rougher story. Directed by Andrew Dominik, based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, the film breaks with something that matters in other movies: the constant conflict between the power of the protagonists (they decide, they fight, they don’t take on a role). victims) and the harshness of the world they have to live in (extremely sexist and misogynistic). ‘Blonde’ has more of the second and less than the first.

Frankly, it’s impossible to think of films like ‘Corsage’ and ‘Spencer’ without keeping in mind the groundbreaking ‘Marie Antoinette’ (2006). Sixteen years ago Sofia Coppola (‘The Virgin Suicides’, ‘Lost in Translation’) applied the formula of these films to describe Marie Antoinette’s adolescence. (since his arrival at the Palace of Versailles). Its packaging was poppy, sweeter, and rosier than the other films mentioned in this article, but its heart was the same. A few days ago, Sofia Coppola shared a clapperboard photo from the shooting of her new movie ‘Priscilla’ on her Instagram account. This Priscilla will be played by Priscilla Presley and young actress Cailee Spaeny. (Seen on ‘Mare of Easttown’). Not many details have been revealed about the movie, but it is known that it is an adaptation of the book ‘Elvis & Me’, which was published in 1985 and tells about Priscilla Presley’s romantic relationship with Elvis.

You never know, but given that Sofia Coppola no one explained how women’s sufferingalso the conflict between the freedom and desire of the protagonists of his films and the hostility of the context, everything indicates that he will also be his Priscilla (although rightly and fighting not to be) a sad princess

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