Director Kostyushkin called the posting of Monetochka “incredible work” on the wanted list of bailiffs

The concert director of the singer Stas Kostyushkin praised the bailiff, who put the singer Monetochka (real name Elizaveta Gyrdymova) on the wanted list. He did not pay a fine of 500 thousand rubles, appointed by the court in the case of Kostyushkin for the plagiarism of the song “Woman, I do not dance.” The artist’s director, Sergei Komisarov, told that the call was a “great job.”

“That’s the job of lawyers. He did not pay the money. And, apparently, our bailiffs do an absolutely wonderful job. Well done. We did not discuss this story with him (with Stas Kostyushkin. – Now we have a lot of work and do not do nonsense, ”said the artist’s representative.

Stas Kostyushkin, ex-soloist of the group “Tea for Two”, filed a lawsuit accusing Monetochka of plagiarizing the song “Woman, I don’t dance”. In April of this year, the court found the singer guilty and ordered the artist to pay half a million rubles in compensation.

According to the Mash Telegram channel, Monetochka never paid the fine. enforcement officers Control the singer’s accounts and, if necessary, can arrest his apartment in Moscow.

Earlier, Monetochka’s husband Viktor Isaev declarationHe said he did not know that the singer was on the wanted list.

Source: Gazeta


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