About thirty artists from Alicante and Arab countries are in Alicante

this Artist’s Kasbah International Gathering in Alicante returns in person to celebrate its eighth edition. about thirty professional and amateur artists will share their experiences and they will work together for five days Between 1 and 6 August in different parts of the city.

This event, which has been held online for the last two years due to the pandemic, Nurdine Tabbaimanaging the artist’s Kasbah Association MoroccoY Natalie Mills From Alicante’s Third Intercultural Time and has intention to promote between different countries to transform art into a tool for cultural exchange.

On this occasion, artists Morocco, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, Join local creators to work together and show their work to the public, among others of Arab descent living in France. Casa Mediterráneo welcomes participants next MondayTuesday afternoon to Wednesday throughout the day will be established in Seneca Space to build your tracks from scratch -paint and some ceramics- in a process that can be seen by the public Before the mass exhibition opening on Friday.

In addition, several literary presentations in this area on Wednesday Nadia al-Qassmi (Morocco), Medhi Ghaleb (Tunisia), Maxi Velloso and Mills (Alicante), Nesrine Khoury (Syria) and TAN-DÉM, Marina Martinez Contreras and Patricia Martin Ruiz (Alicante) and a series of art presentations and Moroccan film screenings at MACA on Friday morning Red pen also for attendees in San Roque hostel guided tour of the old town Organized by Aguas de Alicante and excursions for the province.

This meeting took place in their first edition at places like Freaks Art Bar or Pozos de Garrigós, and he set up his exhibition in Séneca last year. Every year the activities are expanded and “The spirit of the meeting is to know the other in order to understand and enjoy, always with art as a common means of expression”He points to Molinos, a reminder that in previous years artists from Oman, Qatar, Iran, Egypt and predominantly Morocco have passed through Alicante.

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