Charlotte’s father about his son’s tour: “He either escaped from the pre-trial detention center or was caught red-handed” 14:31

The father of singer Eduard Charlotte Valery said that he did not know anything about his son’s tour, which he announced on his social networks. In an interview with named Various possible options for such plans indicate that the singer either ran away, or was not the one who published information about the tour.

According to the man, he first learned about his son’s plans to go on tour from media reports. He suggested three possible options for how this happens.

“First, he was suddenly allowed to go online and, let’s say, go on a tour. But this all seems ridiculous,” said Valery.

He described the second option as his son’s escape and an attempt to introduce himself. The artist’s father stated that the third possible option is to publish information about the tour not from Charlotte, but from someone else.

“Does he know he almost sold out tickets?” asked.

According to the man’s statement, he has not yet been able to contact the singer’s lawyer; He visited his son on June 21 and will be able to do so next time only in July.

Let us remind you of this on Charlotte’s page on social networks. There was an announcement Russian tour scheduled to start in Samara on July 1. It is also known that the court extended his detention until July 24, and that he has been detained since December last year.

Formerly Father Charlotte said About his reaction to the extension of detention.

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Source: Gazeta


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