Andrei Malakhov explains why he stopped going to the gym 11:31

He admitted in a conversation with TV presenter Andrei Malakhov Soundthat I stopped actively visiting the gym and doing fitness.

Malakhov explained that he could not go to training due to his busy schedule. He joked that his sport was television. The entertainer also noted that sporting events also attract his attention. For example, when Dmitry Guberniev comments, he is always watching biathlon.

“I would like to go to the World Cup in Moscow. Also for the rhythmic gymnastics championship or basketball. It should be something bright and interesting,” said the TV presenter.

Malakhov in February acceptedHe said he wanted to work in television since he was young. He did his first internship in the Günaydın program of the Faculty of Journalism.

Malakhov said that he believes in the success of Elena Mironova. According to the showman, the TV presenter supported him and brought his son’s fashionable clothes. The entertainer added that full support ensures quick success, but he does not see it as a good way to advance his career.

Previously Philip Kirkorov and Andrey Malakhov became ice cream sellers.

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Source: Gazeta


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