“Antigone under the sand” in the cycle Teatre del Mediterrani in Alicante

Fundación Mediterráneo continues its sixth edition of the cycle Mediterranean Theater with the representation antigone under the sand of the Paul Vailloproduced by the theater company Argo Ship. The show will take place on Wednesday, July 6 at 20:00 at Fundación Mediterráneo Alicante (Avda. Doctor Gadea, 1).

Teatre del Mediterrani cycle, by Fundación Mediterráneo Alicante Provincial Council through the cultural field. The total of this initiative 15 games It will be held until November 2022 with the participation of different non-professional companies from all over the province. performing arts development Non-professionals from the province of Alicante.

antigone under the sand It is an adaptation of the text. sophoclesAfter a depressing civil war between the two heirs to the throne, the citizens of Thebes try to leave behind the memory of the destruction and conflict. However, Queen Creon’s law not to bury the body of the loser prevents old wounds from healing.

Antigone, the sister of the two princes, refuses to bury just one of them, as it goes against tradition. Antigone’s defiance of breaking the law puts Creon in control, who must choose between breaking the law she has imposed or condemning her own niece to death.

Programming will continue Wednesday, July 20 with representation couscous from his hand ETC company from Dénia. In this work, there is a chaos as dramatic as it is comic, resulting from Manuel’s choice of the name of his son-to-be.

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