Novak Djokovic had one of his worst drinks Wimbledon in 1,819 days. He wasn’t one point away from losing like Roger Federer in the 2019 final, but he had to. Two sets (5-7, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2 and 6-2) against Jannik Sinner for the seventh time in his career reach the Wimbledon semi-finals for the 11th time in his career.

Serbian lifted two sets against Third time in his life at the Cathedral and first time in the last seven years. Unbeaten on these courts since 12 July 2017, Djokovic has set a 25-0 record since falling to Tomas Berdych five years ago. 1,819 undefeated days at the All England Club and in his hands third best streak in historyHe is behind Bjorn Borg’s 41-0 wins between 1976 and 1981 and Roger Federer’s 65-0 wins between 2003 and 2008. 1,820 days accumulated without crashing The Serb, who played his worst match of the tournament against an adult Sinner but knew how to recover in time to continue his quest for the twenty-first Grand Slam title, which would leave him one of Rafael’s 22nd record. nadal

With a ‘pajara’ lasting two sets, this was Wimbledon’s worst Djokovic. Carlos Alcaraz’s hangman in the round of 16 threatened to send Sinner quickly, but his 4-1 first-quarter possession was dropped too early. Sinner, much more angry and with character On the day of Alcaraz, one of the days when a coyote lost his face and was in despair, he said cloudyly that he treated Djokovic on a first-name basis.

They slipped 4-1 and Sinner won 5-7 in the blink of an eye. A Serious warning for Djokovic starting to fail The second set has to be among the worst he’s played at this venue in recent years. He didn’t make a single breaking point, lost his serve twice, earned just four comeback points, and barely hit five winners.

The Italian was two sets ahead like a plane, a situation where Djokovic has appeared only six times in history, the last time in 2021 in the Roland Garros final against Stefanos Tsitsipas. Wimbledon saw it cross this gap twice in 2015 against Kevin Anderson (he won the tournament) and in 2005 against Guillermo García López (he lost in the third round).

And for Sinner, the magic was gone with his first big win of his career. almost 1.90 diluted in a pastoral setting for the Serbs; mind. The 20-year-old Sinner is inexperienced in these battles, they don’t have the tables to beat a member of the ‘Big Three’ or play the Grand Slam semi-finals. In fact, these were his first quarterfinals at Wimbledon, third place in the ‘majors’.

HE close to sending it all to the screen in the twilight of the fourth set, when he fell to the ground trying to return a dropshot from Djokovic. He ended up with a sore ankle and was helped by the Serb. After a few seconds of uncertainty, he was able to continue playing. His encounter didn’t end in retreat, but he was already far away when he fell. As soon as the match got psychological, Djokovic locked himself in his racket and stopped missing. He built a wall and made only three mistakes in the third set, eight in the fourth and three in the fifth. He offered him a partial game 17-6.

The return, sealed in three hours and 35 minutes, didn’t leak epic or legendary tones. It was an almost routine and expected rise since he took the ‘time out’ in the third set.

Djokovic will experience his eleventh semi-final at Wimbledon this Thursday, with the option to play his eighth final. His opponent will emerge from the duel between Belgian David Goffin and British Cameron Norrie.