K-Week: the festival of traveling to South Korea without leaving Madrid

Madrid went to South Korea to celebrate Eid-al-Adha. K-Week 8 – 14 July A week full of activities related to South Korean culture, gastronomy and traditions. The purpose of the festival is to bring locals and visitors closer to all the attractions that the culture of the Asian country hides. Tradition, values ​​and sophistication of the Spaniards at the Palacio de Neptuno in the center of the Spanish capital. Republic of Korea, They will be shown to the public to promote an exchange and cultural rapprochement between both countries.

K-Week sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism It will shorten the distance between Korea and Spain Hosting a special program in Madrid with different proposals from interactive games, creative workshops and other events outside the main venue before and after the weekend of the event.

Main activities of the designed K-Week by the Korea Tourism Organization, They will take place on July 8 and 9 at the Palacio de Neptuno. This area is 2.074 m2 and has a capacity of 600 people. Entry will be free and free. Also, the festival It will be broadcast on Twitch, so that those who cannot attend in person can benefit from the art exhibitions and workshops.

Korean culture is one of the most robust in the world, with centuries of history intertwined with the latest trends through music, cinema or gastronomy. with tags like K-Food, K-Drama, K-Beauty and K-Pop, brought together all this vast cultural baggage. Here are some of the activities that will take place:

Korean taekwondo exhibitions will be held in the morning and afternoon.

This will be one of the most traditional events of the festival. There will be a daily pass music show for the public to come in and explore Korean popular music.

One of the main events of the festival will be an interactive game that everyone can participate in through the giant screen to be installed in the venue.

During K-Week, group choreography of K-Pop dancers will be shown. There will be two shows a day to get acquainted with this Korean dance, which has become popular among the youth, has gained a great reputation on the world stage and has gained followers from many countries.

  • Korea Photography Exhibition

A photographic example will allow the visitor to better understand the sights, monuments or cities of South Korea.

  • Korean calligraphy creative workshop

During the festival, workshops will be held to learn the Korean alphabet and the names of the participants will be mentioned in this commemorative language.

South Korea is known worldwide for its skin care practices. In the morning and afternoon, there will be a beauty area with Korean products and workshops on Korean skincare and makeup by “KOSSmetics”.

  • Hanbok, traditional Korean costume

Hanbok, a traditional costume brought from Korea, will be displayed to the public. It will also be possible to try Hanbok and immortalize the moment at the festival’s photo interview.

  • Korean traditional board games

There will be workshops to learn traditional Korean games such as Yutnori Dalgona and Ttakji Chigi.

Knotting is a very delicate and delicate art. In this workshop, you will learn about this traditional art, which is made with special threads and has an ancient history.

  • Korean dessert tasting

Typical Korean sweets will be tasted for festival goers to try the best flavors of the Asian country.

  • KISS FM Radio Station

During the festival, a DJ from the Kiss FM radio network will enliven the festival with different styles of Korean music.

On event days at Neptune Palace, visitors will be able to get information about the destination and book travel packages at special prices prepared by different operators, Catai, Asian Destinations and Pangea The Travel Store. Festival to visit Korea. South.

  • complementary activities

A week before the festival, various events will be held by travel agencies. BTravelwill be held at the headquarters Flagship Store Madrid food programs Korean food; An interview with photographer Ángel López Soto who specializes in Korea: Presentation of Catai’s trip to Korea with a special package tailored for K-Week, alongside “Unknown Korea” and other events. Throughout the week, there will be information screens on the streets of Madrid with all the events of the event.

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