MUA brings together more than 1,500 students in 60 workshops

Last weekend, Alicante University Museum (MUA) held an award ceremony for the traditional Didactic Workshop Competition, which has reached its 22nd edition. attended in the academic year 2021/2022 1,223 male and female students primary, secondary and high school education 22 education centers in the province, more 60 training workshops Taught by the MUA.

The awards ceremony recognizes the best creations made in the training workshops given to 74 participants this year. MUA gave more than 60 workshops with three thematic proposals: two related to the exhibition corpography. Body in the MUA collectionmulti-sensory experiences for juniors and the creation of body emotion maps for adults and a third linked to the exhibition mulier, mulier, She worked on various aspects related to the female theme: female identity, impositions of beauty, objectification of the body, sexist violence, respect for glorious women, motherhood, the visibility of women’s work throughout history, etc. to promote and strengthen the values ​​of equality, respect and freedom.

Some students are looking at work this weekend.

Those responsible for the Didactic Field of the MUA, Remedios Navarro and David Alpanez“Two years after the pandemic, the 2021-2022 academic year has been a year of face-to-face continuation and reunion. For us, who make up the Didactic Field of MUA, being able to host different groups from the education centers of the province in the museum has become a source of joy and emotion,” he said. Navarro and Alpañez said, “Since February, 2000 Didactic Field of MUA bornWe realized that training workshops are the most effective means of bringing contemporary creation closer, raising awareness and making it understandable. We believe that art education is the best tool for reflection and expression of ideas, emotions and feelings. Therefore, our biggest motivation was to provide the participants with the necessary tools to communicate through art.”

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