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Consorci de Museus, The fourth edition of Enclave Land ArtArtistic residences and nature research project as part of CMCV’s Resident Culture programme. The second edition of the event will also be held. Enclave Cinema 23-25 ​​September weekend Gallinera Valley.

Enclave Land Art is an artistic residence of production. two weeks longwhich seven artists To develop projects in connection with an art and nature route around the Vall de Gallinera.

Artists during their stay presentations, workshops and visits He will complete his work, which will be presented to the public in two open days during his last weekend in residence.

“The Enclave Land Art program reminds us of the need to reconnect with nature, with unique artistic proposals taking place in a rural setting, creating an interesting reflection on the relationship between humankind, the artistic creation process and the environment. . And there is no better place to address this issue than in a magnificent natural setting like the Vall de Gallinera”, says Consorci de Museus and CCCC director, Jose Luis Perez Pont.

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the offers, Available from 1 July to 15 Septembermay include disciplines such as installation, land art, photography, anthropology, research, sculpture, performance and all artistic manifestations or lines of work that arise from the dialogue of man with nature and that create a reflection in the region where the projects will be developed, The Corrals de la Carroja routeIn Vall de Gallinera, artists of any age or nationality can apply.

publication selected artists on September 25 2022, within the framework of the Enclave Cinema film days and residency will be held from 6-20 NovemberIncluding a weekend open doors to present projects.

The Enclave Land Art project selection committee consists of: Rosa Maria Castellscurator and head of the MACA collection in Alicante; Amelie ArangurenFellow of Campo Adentro/Inland and responsible for artistic programming at Centro de Approach a lo Rural; Emilio Gallegovisual artist, curator, president of the La Espiral ACC collective and assistant coordinator of the Valencian association Artistes Visuals de València, Alacant i Castelló (AVVAC); Alexander Manaartist, researcher and professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Michael Mallol, As director of Enclave Land Art.

Enclave Cinema, September 23-25

Enclave Land Art also presents the second edition of Enclave Cinema. cinema, identity and territory, It will be held on the weekend of September 23-25, 2022 in Vall de Gallinera.

Enclave Cinema was born on the basis of the increasing use of the audio-visual medium as the transmitter of messages within the scope of the Enclave Land Art project and offers festivals by invitation.a platform for the public and visibilityIn line with the projects being worked on at La Vall de Gallinera.

The Vall de Gallinera City Council and the Enclave Land Art association organize a series of film festivals with an invitation to a different film festival in each edition. screenings, colloquia, roundtables and presentations in order to create a participatory reflection.

Second edition of Enclave Cinema, Dona i Cinema International Biennial –Mujer y Cine– Woman & Film, a festival celebrating its seventh edition in January 2023, bringing visibility to the work of women in the cinema and audio-visual industry.

The biennial was born in Valencia as a speaker of the Women and Cinema association, which was created by the efforts of professional women in the audio-visual sector. on The role of women in the industry and introduce other views that aren’t always represented on the big (and small) screen.

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