Key sequences for the week of June 20

This week we can not only return to ‘Sanditon’ (perhaps try other Austen-style series), but also reunite with the Hargreeves brothers or find out what lurks behind Korea’s ‘House of Paper’. Below is all of our offers.

1. ‘Discovering Alice’

The great Keeley Hawes (for example, ‘Bodyguard’s Home Secretary) is a widower who begins to discover her debts and lies from her ex-husband in this dark comedy of seemingly shifting themes and tones. The series is a new collaboration with Hawes’ director and screenwriter of ‘The Durrells’, Roger Goldby and Simon Nye, respectively. It seems like Joanna Lumley (Patsy from ‘Absolutely gorgeous’) and Nigel Havers as the protagonist’s parents are getting all the attention. Disney+Wednesday, day 22.

2. ‘Umbrella Academy (Season 3)’

showrunner’ Steve Blackman keeps trying For bringing to the screen the vast and crazy universe of superheroes that Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) proposes in the comic series The Umbrella Academy. A combination of season three, ‘Hotel Oblivion’, and an as-yet-unrevealed skin pits the Hargreeves brothers against their elevated counterparts from a parallel universe. Switching to fiction as well, Elliot Page will stop being Vanya to become Viktor. NetflixWednesday, day 22.

3. ‘The Paper House: Korea’

Korean version of the Spanish drama? A new Spanish drama as well as popular, including Korean? This is how it is. Intrigue and bewilderment. The Professor (now Yoo Ji-tae) once again pulls the strings on a grand heist where every thief has a city name: Tokyo is Jeon Jong-seo (the girl from ‘Burning’); Berlin, Park Hae-soo (Bad 218) from ‘The Squid Game’. Of course, it changes the landscape: a world in which the two Koreas tend to unite, giving rise to the JSA Joint Economic Zone. Netflix, Friday, 24.

4. ‘Chloé’

Watch out for this psychological thriller about appearance games on social media. If the British reviews are not misleading, we will be in for one of the (relative) surprises of the year. Erin Doherty (the young Princess Anne of ‘The Crown’) is Becky Green, the social media freak of childhood friend Chloe (Poppy Gilbert) who seems to be living the best life. When Chloe dies suddenly, Becky decides to sneak around Chloe and form an identity to learn the truth. Prime VideoFriday, day 24.

5. ‘Loot’

Starring the wonderful Maya Rudolph (the friend who got married on “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and icon of “Saturday Night Live”) and produced by Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard. ‘ With her usual charm, she plays Molly Novak, a billionaire determined to get more involved in the charity she didn’t know she had after her well-paid divorce. A necessary parody of unconscious privilege. AppleTV+From Friday the 24th (three-part premiere).

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