UK plans to provide large-scale training to Ukrainian Armed Forces

During a visit to Kyiv, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered assistance to the Ukrainian authorities in the form of large-scale training of the Ukrainian armed forces on foreign soil. This has been reported office of the british prime minister.

“Prime minister [Джонсон] He proposed to conduct a large-scale operation to train Ukrainian forces, which would allow the training of 10,000 soldiers every 120 days.

The British prime minister told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that London “could lead this breakthrough program that will fundamentally change the situation” in the current conflict and “significantly increase the recovery potential of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for the sake of winning”. fight for a lasting peace.”

It was noted that if Kiev accepts, the forces of international partners may also be involved in the preparations. The office recalled that since 2015 as part of the previous Orbital operation, the UK has trained more than 22,000 Ukrainian military personnel.

Recently, the American television channel CNN aired report“Ukraine has received a military potential in Europe that allows it to peak in combat capability, but cannot use it.”

Source: Gazeta


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