Carlos Tarque: “I think the concerts are now more enthusiastic and energetic than before”

in small committee (2022), new live work M-Clan. After getting out of prison, Carlos Tarque and Ricardo Ruipérez They decided to go on a great classics tour for live shows in a format much better adapted to different constraints: acoustic and bandless, just the two of them. And as the finishing touch to that tour, they recorded for two days at the Sala Barts in Barcelona in December: without registration, live, and with the full support of an audience who watched the show seated and wearing a mask; After all, it was the way he recorded that weird tour of those two years that was so important to M-Clan.

So the In petit committee is an attack of nostalgia. Not only because we’re back to hits that are part of many personal soundtracks, but also because of the format. The album will also be accompanied by a DVD featuring Lasdelcine’s concert recording. Now that everything is back to normal and coinciding with its release, M-Clan has decided to go out and present it, but this time with the entire group and as they wrap up their new solo album. Tarque, who accompanied Fito Cabrales before 45,000 loyalists at the San Mamés stadium a few days ago, gives us some background.

It reminds me of No Plug (2001) in the small committee, but the world is very different now than when you recorded it… Is it going well for you? Do you prefer it (this world to the previous one)? How have you changed since then?

It’s only been twenty years… and the world has certainly changed a lot. But maybe on the surface, in terms of technology and materials. I can say that the essence remains the same, because although there has been some progress, there are wars that we do not know how to stop, there are brutal social differences that we have not been able to overcome, and ultimately we continue to live. with injustice.

How was the most petit committee born? Planned before the pandemic was No Plug 2.0 for the anniversary…

Yes that is right. As you rightly said, we prepared a memorial album for No Plug, but the pandemic took us by surprise. Basically we had to improvise this format in order to give some concerts and survive, and that made us think that maybe we should record the album, record that special moment in our history as a document that represents the moment.

A format that allows you to adapt and keep moving in any situation given the different constraints. It seems that it allowed you to connect with the public without any problems. Did you have to make an extra effort to achieve this? Has there been resignation in these new times?

The acoustic duo format lets you play in almost any scene, and it’s very narrow in everything with the economic part: You travel in just one van, with very few people, and everything is easier. It’s true that you gave up the great sound of a band, but circumstances and constraints didn’t allow it to be done otherwise, at least for us.

You included your biggest hits such as Calling the Earth and Fear in this album… Do you like to please your audience? It can be confirmed once again that you are no longer just Carolina’s group…

Who doesn’t like to please their audience? It’s true that we’re thirty years old – we’ll celebrate it next year – and we’ve been lucky all this time that we’ve been able to make a lot of songs that have some resonance, which allows us to put in a song. fun and entertaining show full of great hits. But it’s true that we played other songs on that tour—and on that album—that might not be big hits, but our listeners love it too.

When did the lightbulb go on to break this record? How was the registration done? It was done in two days…

Look, during the recording of a concert in Galicia, we realized that we have a great connection with the public, that the live performance is very special, and we decided that we should record it. And it wasn’t too difficult to record, because basically it was recording the concert; Beyond that, we didn’t do anything special. If anything, get better lights for those two concerts in Barcelona, ​​nothing more. First of all, we wanted to record as accurately as possible the truth of what we were doing on stage, not something artificial with too many additions, but how solid, skeletal, pure and fundamental our concert was.

When? Today, 10:00

Where? Murcia Park Auditorium, Murcia

Price? 30 euros

What does this album mean to you? Is it an album to continue the tour while new songs are coming? How do you compose?

We have just released this album and now we are touring with the band. But we don’t make new songs.

Several quotes awaken in Maggie: from Calamaro and Serrat; In Stay to Sleep you finally sing for Camarón. Improvisations, winks?

They’re blinks that occur spontaneously at a given moment, and we’re hiding them anyway because they’re funny… and they work!

You accompanied Fito at ‘La Catedral’ last weekend. Must be impressive after such long restrictions…

It was huge in every way and it was very, very exciting. I think there is a more enthusiastic and energetic return to concerts than before. Fito is a very generous friend and has naturally and deservedly become a giant. The concert was something never seen before in Spain.

Among the buyers of the album, as they say for the winner and a few of his friends, you will have a concert draw in his room. Will you go to his house physically or will you do it by broadcast?

We’ll go to his house or wherever he tells us to and play in the living room. That’s the original idea.

You started in the Barts room and recorded the concert there. Was this the best of the tour and why did you decide to come back? Recorded by producer Lasdelcine. What can be seen in the video? Are there DVDs?

It was without a doubt one of the best concerts and the chamber meets the exceptional conditions for doing such a thing. Lasdelcine are great friends and great professionals; Working with them is very comfortable. And yes, there is a DVD and the concert deserves to be watched, because due to the interaction with the public and others, what that tour looks like is much better perceived.

An acoustic album is coming out En petit committee, but you are returning to the electric format. What is the approach of this tour?

Play live with the whole group and anywhere.

And you, as Tarque, do you have a new album ready? Are you doing it with Raya? Which line will it take and when will it take off?

Yes, I have been preparing an album with Raya for a long time. It will be out in 2023. hard rock 2.0.

The hyper-information society is killing us, enslaving us. What can rock do?

Rock is an experience to be lived physically, not through a screen. You have to go to concerts, you have to lift your mobile head and move it. This will allow us to think better and be more free. It is the gym of the mind and soul.

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