A video shows Marta Calvo’s killer leaving the apartment shaken by her first death

“I know you spent an hour with him because it was the worst hour of my life, I will never forget it. When I saw the client leave without warning and without closing the front door, I went to the room that was together. Elena (title of work used by Arliene Ramos). He already knew something bad had happened as he made his way down the hall towards the room. He was writhing in bed when I came in, and the first thing I thought was: he had slit his throat.”

The statement was made this Thursday at the fourth session of the case against the accused. alleged serial killer Jorge Ignacio PJdating house manager Number 78 of Gran Via Marqués del Turia, corner with Cánovas, the accused committed the murder, which is considered to be his first murder, on March 25, 2019, Arlene Ramos A 31-year-old Brazilian woman was officially declared dead on April 3 after nine days of suffering. Valencia Clinical Hospital intensive care unit.

The witness recalled that that morning, there were four women in the apartment on the fourth floor of the building. Arliene was present that night in the “six-room very large” house. 15 days on that floora Brazilian friend he has known since childhood, another Colombian girl of Cuban descent, and a witness.

“I had prepared spaghetti and we were about to have dinner when the bell rang,” explained the woman, always accompanied by a psychologist from the victim care office, who had to intervene several times to relieve stress and tension. witness. “I opened the door for him. I passed him in a room and he never looked at me.. He sat there and said to me, “I want to meet girls who like to party white.” I told Elena (Arliene) and her reunion friend and she chose Arliene. The “white party”, this witness made it clear, like everyone else who’s passed the hall before, “consuming cocaine through the nose, not inserting it through the vagina or anything. No one consumes cocaine through the vagina.” sentenced him.

“I knew I did something bad to him”

“They went away back room, end. It was the most coquettish, round bed, very spacious, very intimate. We are at the end of a long corridor from here to the door,” he said. Pointing to a distance of about ten meters, it was 14:51 according to the security camera installed at the entrance of the brothel, and his presence was unknown to the alleged serial killer.

The manager, who knocked on the door when the contract expired, in this case for an hour, “sat on the sofa in the entrance. I didn’t see what was happening outside, but I listened.” “About five minutes before the clock was up, I heard footsteps in the hallway and the front door opening, but it wouldn’t close. It seemed so strange to me and I went to see“He was right, the door was ajar. The same camera recorded Jorge Ignacio PJ’s calm and slow departure at 4:02 that morning.

The witness immediately went to the room. “I started walking down the hall. I knew something was up. It wasn’t normal that he wasn’t responding to me. The door was ajar and everything was dark.. The witness stands up in pain; cries silently. It takes a few minutes to heal. The judge encourages him to breathe and take time. The woman recovers and continues the story: “I went in a little bit. lay in bed I thought I had slit your throat. I didn’t have the courage to go inside. I started screaming and called her friend. I’m shaken”.

Between the two of them, they picked it up and carried it down the aisle. “What did he do to you?” I asked., but did not answer. He wanted to talk to me, but he couldn’t.”

“I went to the Colombian girl but she didn’t have the paperwork and she ran away. I think she called the ambulance and then she ran away. I just wanted to save her. Her friend and I carried her, she was too heavy. He held me very hard at the door, foam and blood coming from his mouth. Tell me, he wanted to tell me but he couldn’t speak.”

The judge stopped the interrogation again due to the anguish and broken tears of the witness, who relived yesterday’s events with great pain. “He died squirming at the door, in my arms”, crying in tears. “My instincts were to get him down as soon as possible, get in a taxi and not wait for the ambulance. I realized he was dead in the courtyard. We stopped in the courtyard and went out into the street. I greeted him. He called for a taxi and help. No, he said he didn’t want any trouble and left.. At that moment, an ambulance appeared and took him away.”

17 hits and two stops

on April 3, Head of the intensive care unit of the clinic and head of transplant at the hospital officially signed his death. “I was brain dead a few days ago”The doctor admitted at the hearing this Thursday, “but we were waiting for her sister to come from Brazil so she could allow organ donation as she did.” These were the heart, lungs, liver and kidney.

Inside brothel room,it remained closed for months after that”, on a glass table next to the bed, “the cup of cocaine he had prepared was strewn over it”.

Arliene suffers first cardiorespiratory arrest in portal. SAMU medical team he had spent minutes intubating him and resuscitating him. They evacuated him to the Clinical Hospital, where he was met by the person in charge of emergencies, who, when asked by the parties, explained that when he arrived yesterday, “he had had several epileptic seizures, his pupils were dilated and he was unresponsive”. is a serious symptom, the pulses were at 17 beats per minute, bordering on stopping, and there was no carotid pulse”.

To the questions of the two special prosecutors, Juan Carlos Navarro and Isabel CarricondoWhen the doctor explained that there were epileptic crises, he explained that “it does not mean that the patient has epilepsy, in this case there is no epilepsy”, and explained that these seizures that do not respond to treatment follow each other. among other things, due to the ingestion of toxins.

As soon as she entered the ER, she said, “She took him to the critics’ box. At the time Stage 3 coma. The Glasgow scale of consciousness levels scales from 1 to 15. He was at 3 out of 15, when 15 was max level of consciousness (normal), so yes, he was closer to death”.

Less than an hour later, although she stabilized at 5:14 a.m., she “had yet another cardiac-respiratory arrest. We had to administer two ampoules of adrenaline, and then we sent her to the intensive care unit.” Earlier, he admitted, “urine samples were taken to see if it was toxic. The result was positive for cocaine and negative for others, but we can’t detect all of them.”

While the witness is being treated by SAMU, before arriving at the hospital, arlien He had not responded to atropine or drugs to reverse the effects of the narcotics, and it took a minute for him to react to adrenaline injected by SAMU emergency services. “From what I read in his report, he would have died there if he had not received this help.”

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