Ana Pastor combines science, philosophy and art in an exhibition at Gil-Albert

From nothing to being, the proposal offered by this artist, curated by Johanna Caplliurewho’s? common ground is facing death, self-perception, and relationship with others.and combined in art with science and philosophy.

“Approximately a research process that I started ten years ago. I propose an existential study of perception, identity, and an attempt to overcome the fear of death, and it is a journey of several stops through this process,” explains the artist, who has suffered the loss of four very close beings in four years.phobia and fear of death. As an atheist, he used science and philosophy to confront his fear through the catharsis provided by art.

To make this trip, The pastor is based on the theories of different scholars who eventually relate to Buddhist philosophy.and does evolution from man as an individual being condemned to nothing up to the understanding of existence as a multitude of microorganisms constantly interrelated and forming an intermediate being.

This turns into an artistic proposal that starts with a one. yield about the ritual of his own death, presented here in the photos; a video develop empathy with others, to whom different people react to the same word “pity”; a assembly of petri dishes (from laboratory cultures) and micro to macro photos and captures, for example, the before and after of a kiss, the trail before and after a caress, or the fluid after a sexual intercourse, through a saliva sample.

This exhibition can be viewed until September 2. will be one meeting between artist and curator next July 13 and a private activity and guided tour To sample for 15 July in Nit en Blanc.

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