Education provides psychological support to classmates of boy drowning in pool in Alicante this summer

Psychologists of the Ministry of National Education, especially the Specialized Counseling Unit (UEO), working from the Ministry’s headquarters in Alicante, offers its services to students in need this summerClassmates at the school of the student who drowned in a swimming pool in Cabo de la Huerta this Wednesday.

Education officials state the following in this regard: given the “soon completion” of the courseGuidance staff have been given directions so they can count on resources if any family of the deceased student’s classmates needs support for their sons and daughters this summer”.

The professionals have arrived Voramar public schoolaccompanying the central teachers and students, especially in the second year of primary education, in the beach area and, as emphasized by the Ministry, “to make themselves ready for everything they need”.

Students and teachers also said they received it this Thursday psychological support from the early morning hours in the center itself, where they were in the classroom with the unfortunate absence of his deceased classmate.


Psychologists, as well as teachers and counsellors, shared the pain experienced by families. other children registered in the same centerto know your situation and meet all your needs in such complicated times.

From the family itself, the desire no suspension of any activity That the education community has prepared for these days of the school year, including those related to the Bonfire festivities.

The aim of the relatives is that everything planned is celebrated as normally as possible and nothing is interrupted, a wish conveyed by the team of psychologists is that the rest of the educational community continue to participate in activities as much as possible.


Professionals from the education specialists unit also shared “notifications” with the Center’s Guidance team and members of the management and teaching team. rules to follow to accompany the duel“.

In this context, reading on this topic as well is recommended. farewell letters As a distribution of letters to all teachers in the deceased child’s class.

Source: Informacion


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