Government takes autonomous carriers threatening new strikes

Representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda will meet this Thursday. self-employed carriers and SMEs Grouped on the Platform for Defense of Goods TransportHe threatens to strike again if the regulation on the prevention of working below cost is not approved at the end of the month.

After reaching the Ministry, the Platform representative, Manuel Hernández assured that strikes could happen again Similar to those who checked the logistics distribution in Spain for days in March, the Administration “doesn’t fulfill its mission”, although it assures that the Platform’s will is for the conflict to end and that it can “work with the guarantee not to lose money”.

Since the mobilizations were terminated at the beginning of April, The platform guarantees that, on average, autonomous carriers lose 2,000 euros per truck, Therefore, they are urging the Government to meet the three-month deadline it says must pass legislation tackling the work of shippers below their cost.

In this context, Minister Sanchez recently asked for “peace” and has made it clear that its commitment to autonomous carriers is to get the bill out before July 31st.

The meeting is taking place at the Ministry headquarters this afternoon and the Government is represented by Jaime Moreno García-Cano, director general of land transport, from this portfolio confirmed to Efe.

Representatives of the Platform, headed by Manuel Hernández, are confident that they will provide guarantees that this contract-breaking legislation at their detriment will continue until the end of the month. achieve “a decent and livable job for all”professionals in the industry.

first draft

In this context, the National Committee for the Transport of Goods (CNTC), which is composed of representatives of different groups in the industry and formed to act as interlocutor with the Government, announced its working hours, even though the Platform says it is not represented. before the meeting He already has a first draft sent to him by the ministry.

This law aims to apply the principles of the Food Chain Law to the carriage of goods by road. prohibiting carriers from operating without incurring operating costs.

They will try with this avoid abuse cases in the weakest part of the chain Supply, mostly shipping companies, freelancers and SMEs.

Thus, the regulations want to ensure that “The price a carrier will charge for its services should always be equal to or greater than its individual effective costs.“explains the CNTC and details that for this it is recommended, among other things, to promote transparency in the contracting and subcontracting of transport operations.

However, the CNTC states that it has not yet reviewed the text and will do so “as soon as possible” and will meticulously make any contribution it deems necessary to ensure the correct functioning and strengthening of the market. work fabric.

In different cities recently various protest actions supported by this platform To require the government to honor its commitment to ratify the aforementioned law.

At the beginning of last April, this platform canceled strikes that managed to paralyze distribution in the country for almost twenty days After fulfilling the commitment that said law will be ready in three months.

Despite promises and repeated warnings from carriers, self-employed and SMEs in the industry, they are working in unbearable long-term conditions, their current situation has worsened compared to MarchDespite the 20 cents per liter bonus implemented by the government since April, the cost of fuel has not stopped.

In fact, gasoline has set a new maximum, the second in a row, after selling at an average price of 1,917 euros per liter last week, while diesel is nearing the record, although both bonuses include public 20 cents per liter.

According to data published this Thursday by the European Union (EU) Petroleum Bulletin, which includes the average price recorded at more than 11,400 Spanish service stations between 7 and 13 June, an average of 1,803 units of diesel are sold in Spain – once discounted. euros per liter.

“These people are already devastated, the accounts are not coming out at the prices we are working with at the costs we have,” said Germán Martínez, coordinator of this platform in Extremadura, ready to start a strike this weekend. 1 July if the law in question is not ratified by that date.

Source: Informacion


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