Lyusya Chebotina sparked rumors with the star of “The Bachelor” 13:32

Singer Lyusya Chebotina gave rise to rumors about her relationship with the star of the show “Bachelor” Alexander Grankov. This was reported to by eyewitnesses who noticed the couple together at a recent social event in Moscow.

According to eyewitnesses, the stars took on a romantic atmosphere during the event, which sparked interest and speculation among fans.

Lyusya Chebotina and Alexander Grankov have not yet commented on the rumors and details of their relationship.

Previously Lyusya Chebotina ridicule In the talent contest “Fly to the Trends” of a participant who studies at Moscow State University.

Chebotina described the decision of the young artist VAL to receive higher education instead of improving himself in the field of music as a big mistake in life. The star opposed the singer continuing with the show.

Previously Taylor Swift must singing on tiptoes due to heel fracture.

Source: Gazeta


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