C. Tangana conquered Alicante without singing or tuning

took two bars too many women for the city to surrender C. Tangana and what many consider album of the year: from Madrid. Minutes before the start of the performance, the expectation to see the artist already hinted at what would happen: more than one hour of absolute devotion.

C. Passion for thong live almost like a religion. Full of careful staging, props, and public interaction, Anton Alvarez He managed to turn his performance into an hour-long video clip where thousands of people felt part of the show.

Artist, headline Spring Festival In this new edition, which will be held for the first time at Rabasa Multispace, he opened the concert with some of his “low quality” songs. changethat he appeals to his origins and justifies himself against the music industry.

on stage, each song was accompanied by a typical Madrid tavern as the common theme of a concert where there is practically no one second of silence. “Pucho” accompanied by a group of various wind and string instruments showed that their live shows are so much more auto tuning.

C. addresses the audience in Tangana’s performance. ALEX DOMINGUEZ

After a progressive start from less to more, eat you whole led to a series of “anthems” sung by a deafening crowd that almost silences the artist’s voiceAlways complicit with the thousands of people attending the Spring Festival.

After the introduction, Antón addressed the audience directly to confirm this connection, which few artists have achieved. Last night in Alicante was practically a “religious experience” The chorus of the song that the artist released with Argentina shouts to the capital’s skies. Nathy Plus: “I was an atheist, but now I believe.”

Since that moment, The event turned into a complete frenzy. Nothing was enough for the thousands of throats who sang some of the deafening most-streamed songs of the year. There was also room for great “classics” such as crying in the limo. A perfectly coordinated musical transition A performance with more than 15 musicians collected by the artist on stage.

There were no ups and downs, Madrilenian’s performance was always upwards: collaborations, improvisations, nods to “terreta” and even fireworks. Undoubtedly one of the most international artists of the current scene, the artist did not disappoint.

No one wanted to miss this show, one of the performances of the year in the state capital. this elche boy He also joined Tangana’s table and sang songs with him, both with his voice and with the guitar: idiots.

The artist gathered around his table, which he had previously exhibited in the exhibition hall. little table Published with artists such as Carmona or Kiko Veneno. more than fifteen musicians in addition to their own songs, historical songs like happiness of living, was greeted with genuine enthusiasm by the public.

a gold brooch for performance that lasts longer than expected The festival ended with the public chanting the artist’s name, who were in the program and wanted more. not even very calmOne of the most admired songs in recent years, it was enough to quench the people’s insatiable thirst for the artist’s performance.

The public during the performance of the artist from Madrid. ALEX DOMINGUEZ

Spring comes back strong

Alongside the crazy performance of C. Tangana, the Alicante festival came together. an important poster full of artists from the national stage.

Friday: Eurovision’s “almost” Spanish representative, Rigoberta Bandini, was cast in an afternoon where the public sang the feminist anthem. oh mom Along with other performances such as long live swedenCatalans love of lesbians – another of the festival’s “main dishes” – or Alicante-Madrileños Polish girl.

As for Saturday’s poster, “folklore” Gutarricadelafuente, Cariño’s infectious butt or Zahara’s flawless voice, among others, accompanied the Madrilenian on his triumphant return to the Spring Festival. a proven event Alicante is enthusiastic – and many enjoy live music. Despite scarce public commitment to the urban scene

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