Three national treasures of Portugal at MARQ

The exhibition consists of “only” three pieces, but they are cataloged as follows: national treasures in Portugal, Which country do they come from? They are seen together for the first time and one of them has never been apart. Lisbon National Archaeological Museum. Until now, they are on display at MARQ, where their exhibits were opened to coincide with International Museum Day.

Atlantic Warrior, symbol of power?The name of this set, which combines three pieces, shown in the library of the center of Alicante until mid-October. The most important and maximum representatives of Castro culture Developed for almost a thousand years between the Bronze Age and the beginning of our era, in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

This Lezenho’s Castreño Warrior, Wild boar from Oliva dos Berroes and Tork de Vilas BoasSomebody Pieces with the largest amount of gold in Europe’s prehistoryRepresenting “the best of the ancient autochthonous cultures of the northwest peninsula” make up this trio of treasures, he assured. Manuel OlcinaDuring the presentation of the interventions made by the MARQ director, Assistant for Culture, Julia Parra; Head of the Inventory and Collections section of the Lisbon Archaeological Museum, Patricia Batista; Director of the MARQ Foundation, José Alberto Cortesand director of Banco Sabadell’s main office in Alicante, José Manuel Fuentes Cortes organization sponsoring the exhibition.

This Lezenho’s Warrior, large in size and carved from granite, belongs to the time of Roman rule. “His hieratic and mysterious pose is moving,” Olcina said. “Probably the representation of a tribal hero at the entrance of villages, as a symbol of community cohesion”.

Juia Parra, Manuel Olcina and Patricia Santos Batista before Guerrero Castreño de Lezenho. David’s Revenge

The figure was very colorful, although it is now seen in its original material. “Like all ancient statues, it was painted, a resource that would bring it to life and develop important elements.”

This Olival dos Berroes wild boarwhat Wild boar, was also found in a field hewn from granite along with five other animal statues . This representation responded to the important herding and hunting activities of the castreña community.

Image of Olival dos Berroes Pig in the MARQ library. David’s Revenge

when it comes Tork de Vilas BoasHE IS You can see the outside of the lisboeta museum for the first timeis a “unique” piece of jewelery that resembles a necklace owned only by the elite. It was found in 1965 and is made entirely of gold. One of the pieces with the largest amount of gold in Europe’s recent prehistoric history. “It is a resounding symbol of social status,” and although numerous ornaments of this type are known, “now home to MARQ is undoubtedly one of the most prominent.”

It is made entirely of gold and belongs to the type of torque known as “double scotch finials”, which was widely spread across the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula in pre-Roman times.

Torques de Vilas Boas at MARQ. David’s Revenge

Relationship between both museums

The relationship between the two museums started in 2011when? Bronze Hand of Lucentum exhibited in Portugal, and continued with the specimen being exhibited there idols. millennial viewthat the neighboring country has left 37 units.

The MP reminded Julia Parra He stressed that MARQ, which has weekend open days, is “again acting as host”. ‘This museum brought cinternational range elections “All of them have been seen for the first time in Spain and these are historical milestones that confirm the level of activities carried out.”

For Patricia BatistaSpeaking on behalf of the curator and director of the Lisbon Archaeological Museum, Antonio Carvalho“unique” who could not attend the exhibition and these works were “essential” and bringing them to Alicante was an opportunity for the trust in MARQ.

In this sense, he stressed MARQ as “. a reference point in museology and archaeological research in Spain and the Iberian Peninsula”.

“We are always open, but nothing concrete because we don’t know when the museum will open,” Santos Batista said about possible future collaborations.

View of the three-part MARQ library. David’s Revenge

“It is a wonderful act of cultural cooperation between institutions”, noted Manuel Olcina, “also highlighting the evocative and impressive museum exhibit”. Designed by Angel Rocamora” and Catalog edited with “accredited experts in Castro culture” It will remain as a “reference study”.

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