Royal butler explains how to drink tea

Royal butler, Grant Harrold, said that your choice and the way you drink your tea says a lot about manners, taste and wealth. writes about him Sun.

As it turned out, the brand of tea standing in the kitchen cabinet can say a lot about its status in society. The expert recommended choosing loose-leaf tea and never using tea bags or showing it to anyone.

Tea types are also important for the British personality perception. Green and herbal teas mean that a person leads a more calm and measured lifestyle. And Earl Gray is the top employee choice.

According to Grant, aristocrats like to brew their tea before adding milk. Consistency is important for etiquette.

According to U┼čak, adding sugar to tea spoils the taste. But if before, guests were offered sugar for tea, it meant that people were rich. Now the traditions have changed and the culture of sugar consumption has also changed. Now the sugar must be presented in cubes and taken with silver tongs.

Grant Harrold noted that in high society it is forbidden to dip cookies in a glass of tea or other liquids. And the choice of food is no less difficult than the rest of the etiquette. Guests should always offer a cup and plate. This gesture indicates that the owners want to make a good impression.

Previously bar magnate in Florence in your name cop for the price of a cup of coffee.

Source: Gazeta


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