Now that the nice weather and the change of seasons come, one of the appliances that you can not give up cleaning is your home. air conditioning and more if you are prone to allergies. are you in perfect shape air conditioning It is a guarantee of improving the quality of the air in your home and increasing well-being, as you will prevent respiratory ailments caused by the concentration of dust and other allergens.


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But that’s not all, you’ll get with this care. prevent bad odors, reduce energy consumption and extend the life of this appliance.

The best thing to do for cleaning your air conditioner’s filters is to read the manufacturer’s instructions, as each model or brand may have its own characteristics, but in general, you should do it once a month. Also, other variables come into play here, such as whether you live with smokers or animals, or whether the environment is too loaded.

Clean air conditioner filters

Most split type air conditioners have air filters. a type of mesh responsible for filtering and trapping particles airborne ones.

In split type appliances, the filters are on the front of the indoor unit, so you just have to carefully remove this part and the filters will appear. In ducted air conditioners, these filters are usually located behind the indoor unit.

After the filters are placed, follow these steps:

  1. unplug the device Do not be afraid of air conditioning and to work with more peace.
  2. Open the front cover from your device and carefully remove the filters.
  3. Rinse the filters with warm water. If necessary, rub very gently so as not to damage them, keep them clean and free of dirt.
  4. Best for proper care to let them air dry.

  5. When you check that they are completely dry Carefully insert it back into the device.

WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO when cleaning air conditioner filters

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Do not use any soap or abrasive products to clean the filters, it is not necessary. Some brands state that some type of cleaner and disinfectant can be used via spray, but you know, you need to read the manufacturer’s directions carefully.

Also, we do not recommend using it. bristle brushes may damage the filter.