New Villena Museum hosts 3,000-year-old Treasure’s exhibit

This new museum facilities Villena opened this Wednesday, May 18, 2022 corresponding to the gates International Museum DayThe “Treasure of Villena. Over 3,000 Years of History” will open its exhibition for free until 19 June.

mayor of Villena, Fulgencio Cerdancelebrated the opening as “the first step after many efforts by many in different legislatures to make this a reality”.

“The exhibition shown today allows us to see a horizon for the future Museum of Villena and value our Treasure as the main value,” said Cerdán. cultural and tourist attraction from the city”.

Replicas of the Villena Treasure, created in 1981 by the National Archaeological Museum. INFORMATION

The mayor suggested that the museum project, which should be completed within the next year, is being prepared and will allow two rooms to be put into use with the entire collection from Prehistory to the present day. twentieth century from Villena. The truth is that we already have exhibitions and various venues in this museum to hold and conduct various exhibitions and events,” he added.

In other words, he explained that the judicial process against the author company, which gave up on the project and caused delays in its completion, continued until the judicial decision.

Opening of the first exhibition at the New Villena Museum. INFORMATION


MUVI is already presenting the temporary exhibition of the Villena Treasure, one of the archaeological landmarks of the region. Bronze Age European found in 1963. “What we show here today, National Archaeological Museum Created in 1981 and used in exhibitions in different parts of Europe and Spain,” the director of the Villena Museum explained, Laura Hernandez.

Hernández underlined the fact that “Our Villena Museum is now open, we are already here, with the full team, and we are working with full enthusiasm to complete the first phase that will occupy the ground floor of the building in the short term”.

On his behalf, the Mayor of Culture, Elena BenitezHe highlighted the free nature of the exhibition for the next few weeks until 19 June and the events that will take place today, also at the Museo Escultor Navarro Santafé. free entry and a violin and viola concert this Wednesday afternoon.

Member of the Tourism Council, underlining the strong demand for the new facilities of the Villena Museum, Festival Museum Open days are also included in the program.

Replica of the famous bracelets of the Villena Treasure. INFORMATION

find and hint

Villena bricklayer in October 1963 Francis Garcia he discovered the piece, which he could not identify as a jewel at the time, among the earth dug out of the ground. Baker Ramblain villenense Sierra del Morron. between the pile of material deposited for A study on Ferriz street Bracelet found, at first they thought it might be a bracelet. truck engine part. foreman of the job, angel tomasHe left it exposed as he waited for someone to come looking for him, confused like a truck bed.

Luckily the end was in their hands. local jeweler, Carlos Miguel Esquembrewho turned into expert eyes José María Soler, director of the Municipal Archaeological Museum. This made it possible to begin excavations on the boulevard a few days later, on 1 December, which revealed the most important Bronze Age archaeological find in all of Europe. A set of 59 pieces of gold, silver, iron and amber weighing approximately 10 kilograms.

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