Maybe it’s the biggest forgotten version of the house, or it’s so small you didn’t notice it. However buyer your house She deserves to stand out, take care of her, pamper her and decorate her as she deserves.


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The entrance to your home says a lot about you. It is always comforting to walk into and find a pleasant environment, and your visitors will realize how beautiful everything is as soon as they cross the threshold when they get home. This much if you have a lot of room it’s like you have a small piece you can definitely make this a comfortable part of your stay.

In ikea They have many items in different sizes so that you can add a warm touch to your living room and above all be adapted to your needs. That’s why we chose 10 pieces from the Swedish giant that you can adapt to your living room and are ideal for any decoration.

Ikea buyers

If you have some space in your living room, you can’t miss it. shoemaker. It can be one of the most useful pieces of furniture in the house and can be an excellent ally for maintaining cleanliness, as removing your shoes as soon as you enter the house will prevent you from spreading all the dirt you bring from the house. street.

One of the most used shoe racks for the living room is Hemnes. It is a long piece of furniture (89x30x127 cm) with two large drawers where you can put about 12 pairs of shoes. It also has a small drawer on the top, ideal for storing your keys or wallet when you get home. Costs 149 euros.

Buyers Ikea | Two shoe racks to put in your entrance IKEA SPAIN

If you’re looking for a simpler solution, you have a simple white shoe rack with two shelves underneath to store your shoes. You can sit down and change your shoes and leave at the same time. Handle 50 euros.

A simple bench is also MaƧkapar. It has a bench and two compartments where you can put your shoes. Thanks to its sliding doors, you will be able to keep everything organized and save space. It measures 100×51 cm and costs. 70 euros.

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Finally, three in one: a coat rack, bench, and shoe rack, all with the same structure. With Panget you have these three options for 249 Euros.