Purity of movement in ‘Bach’



From Maria Munoz. Company: badness

Hair. Interpreter: Federica Porello

The award-winning production has continued unabated with its domestic and international performances since 2004. “Bach” is a contemporary dance solo based on the music of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

A selection of preludes and fugues in all tones and semitones from the two books that make up “The Well-Tempered Clavier” from the first half of the 20th century. XVIII for musical, theoretical and didactic purposes. While there are exceptions, practice more than listening in auditoriums.

A study of the pure movement and simplicity of the show, with the dancer and an accompanying piano voice to establish an accomplice dialogue between the two. The pantomimic attitude stands out with each part and integrity of the body in a unique way. Fine, clean and flexible lines.

Musicality and even silence, María Muñoz’s 50-minute short creation with Italian performer Federica Porello ensures the rhythm, gaze and succession of the plastic stances that develop while running.

Based in Girona and operating since 1989, Mal Pelo’s goals are experimentation, choreographic creativity and the search for his own language. He approached this baroque music on other occasions as well, fueling the production with a word dance. transitions through introversion and expressive exuberance, depending on the notes. It shows balance, tenderness, vitality or visual warmth.

Mysterious sounds have simplicity and technical complexity. The propulsion of the protagonist conveys various colors through the repetition of metric and melodic patterns. A calm and rhythmic character with tact.

Meanwhile, “Prelude and Fugue no. 1 from volume two” has crossed galactic boundaries since it was included in the golden record for space travel by the Voyager I spacecraft in search of extraterrestrial life in 1977. The Alicante Teatre Arniches audience at least showed their sincere awards.

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