The price of electricity rebounded on Monday, rising 53% to close to 200 euros

This electricity price placed on the wholesale market (pool) on Monday 16 May for 195.23 euros representing megawatt hours (euro/MWh) more than 53% increase Compared to the value determined for this Market.

According to the data of the Iberian Electricity Market Operator (OMIE), the price will be recorded between 7:00 am and 8:00 am when the maximum is 248.08 euro/MWh.the minimum value will reach 160.32 Euro/MWh between 15.00 and 16.00.

After this increase, the electricity price is almost triples the amount you marked on the third Monday of May of the previous year (76.82 euros), but 5% below the figures for February 24, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

So far this month, the average electricity price has reached 188.59 euros/MWh, almost 100 euros below the average recorded in March (283.3 euros/MWh). Twice the price of 2021Crowning the most burdensome year in the historical series with 111.4 euro/MWh.

Wholesale prices have a direct impact on the regulated tariff, or PVPC, which covers over 10 million consumers in Spain and acts as a reference for the other 19 million contracting their supplies in the open market.

In this sense, it causes Russia to invade Ukraine. tension in the energy marketEspecially on gas, because of the risk that Russia’s imports to Europe will slow down due to sanctions imposed by the European Union.

The government approved national response plan Given the economic and social consequences of the situation in Ukraine, which includes the extension of the tax relief on taxes on electricity bills until 30 June and the extension of the electricity social bonus to 1.9 million beneficiary households.

In addition, after recognition by the European Council of Spain and Portugal’s difficulty in dealing with high energy prices due to their low level of interconnection with the rest of the continent, both countries initiated an agreement. mechanism to limit gas price It is designed for electricity generation for 12 months. This mechanism, which will limit the gas price to an average of 48.8 euros/MWh for the duration of the measure, will allow the wholesale price of electricity to drop by 40% to 130 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) as of June, according to the Executive’s calculations.

As for the rest of the European countries, megawatt-hours averaged £121.66 (around 143 euros) in the UK on Monday, compared to 211.58 euros in Germany; from 218.9 euros in France; 237.89 Euros in Italy; and Portugal, which shares a market with Spain, at 194.65 euros, although prices are sometimes separated due to differences in production.

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