“He’s clearly helping Putin.” Politician who opposed NATO enlargement condemned in Italy

The entry of countries neighboring Russia into NATO is unlikely to help stop the conflict in Ukraine. announced Matteo, leader of the far-right League party (Northern League for the Independence of Padania), is on the sidelines of a party event in Rome.

“I just think in terms of the world. What brings the world closer must be done immediately, what pushes the world back must be put in order. Does bringing NATO borders closer to Russia’s borders bring peace closer? Decide for yourself,” said Matteo.

He noted that hostilities in Ukraine have been going on for the third month and it’s time to stop them. The politician said that the priority for him was to “bring the warring parties to the negotiating table”.

“[Нужно] Forcing Ukraine and Russia to talk about peace again. Then we will have the opportunity to talk about EU enlargement and NATO membership in the coming months.”

Matteo argues that “discussions about who occupies and who defends” is not the time for “debates about the West’s values ​​of freedom, respect for democracy, and civil rights.”

At the same time, the politician pointed out that if the initial goal is “to prevent a ceasefire and other deaths”, the ceasefire “must be requested by the aggressor, not the aggressor”. The leader of the right added that “Finland and Sweden are sovereign nations”, so he supports “the right of their people to self-determination”.

Matteo’s position has been harshly criticized by the left-wing Italian Democratic Party. Like the league, it’s part of the ruling coalition. Both have the same number of ministers in the government.

“If he is now against Finland and Sweden joining NATO, then he is directly helping. [президенту России Владимиру] “Putin is clearly helping him,” said Enrico Borghi, a member of the Democratic Party’s National Assembly.

Meanwhile, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio promiseItaly will fully support the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO.

Economic Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti (League Party) said that “this will certainly not help reduce the conflict in Ukraine” and will only “ignite” the mood in Moscow. “But perhaps that is too broad a question for my competence,” Giorgetti added.

“Our parliament’s vote on the historic accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO will be a decisive moment of truth for any political force, a test of confidence that requires determination,” said Stefano Ceccanti, chair of the Democratic group of the Constitutional Commission. Affairs Committee.

All members of the alliance must approve the entry of new countries into NATO. In addition, the parliaments of participating countries must also approve the relevant bill. He was against the inclusion of Finland and Sweden before spoke Of all the NATO countries, the only one is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

It is possible for a NATO state to approve the expansion of the alliance even if the president of such a country does not accept it (possibly similar waiting for croatia).

“Our door is open.” Germany urged Scandinavians to join NATO as soon as possible

On 15 May, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock called for the rapid admission of new members to the alliance if approved by other members.

“NATO is and always will be a defensive alliance. But the doors of this alliance are open, so we welcome Finland and Sweden if their parliaments and communities decide to join. Welcome,” Burbock said ahead of the informal meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Berlin.

According to him, Germany for its part is ready to approve the entry of the Scandinavians “very, very quickly”. Burbock added that many other NATO countries have also pledged to speed up the ratification process.

Russia views NATO enlargement extremely negatively at the expense of Scandinavia. The Russian Federation’s Deputy Representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, warned that Finland and Sweden, which join NATO, would be “part of the enemy” for Russia.

Putin discussed the country’s decision to join NATO with Finnish President Sauli Niiniste the previous day. “There was an open exchange of views,” the Kremlin said. Putin said that Helsinki abandoned the tradition of military neutrality in vain because “there is no threat to Finland’s security”.

The Finnish president described Putin’s reaction as “more restrained than expected”. “The speech was simple, conducted without exacerbations. It’s important to avoid tension,” Niiniste said of the call.

He explained to Putin how “the security situation in Finland has been radically changed by Russia’s demands in late 2021 to prevent countries from joining NATO and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.”

The day after the call, on May 15, the President and Prime Minister of Finland officially announced their decision to join NATO at a joint press conference. “Finland will apply for membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) after consultations with the parliament,” Niiniste said.

He added that he was ready to meet with Erdogan on the issues raised by Finland regarding NATO membership.

One of the parties in Italy’s ruling coalition opposed the rapid entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO. Far-right leader Matteo Salvini explained that now is not the time because it will not help bring peace to Ukraine. At the same time, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs promised to support the participation of the Scandinavians, and the Italian left accused Matteo of merely falling into the hands of Russia. Meanwhile, Finland has officially announced its intention to join the alliance.

Source: Gazeta


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