Journalist Adela Varela debuts with her debut novel ‘El Chico de Mercaderes’

Galician journalist Adela Varela He presented his first novel entitled merchant boy and edited by Libros Indie. The work tells the journey of a young man who finds himself in the 1930s. forced to emigrate to prosperous Havana Galicia poor and dark. His life journey and circumstances led him to make several round trips on both sides of the Atlantic, forced by the political and social upheavals of the time.

The story told in the first person singular tells us Connect with our recent past through the eyes of a child This should be made an adult ahead of time. From this point of view, the novel takes the reader into situations that are alien to us today but were not ours long ago. El Chico de Mercaderes is based on true events, because as a plot the author’s grandfatherwarrior in the Spanish Civil War, He left writings shortly before he died.

For the purpose of escaping manicheisms and prejudicesThe novel tries to bring us closer to the nameless characters who weave our real history away from the great parliaments and audiences.

El chico de Mercaderes was presented at the Centro Gallego in Havana, today at the headquarters of the Alicia Alonso Grand Theater and the Cuban National Ballet, in the presence of the heirs of the largest Spanish immigrant community in Cuba.

Libros Indie is a publishing house specializing in creating independent writers. To do this, it implemented one of the most powerful and revolutionary literary talent detection systems in the publishing industry: the Indie Method, which involves signing exclusive deals with some of the biggest Spanish publishers. Libros Indie publishing house already has a catalog of nearly 60 titles and currently aims to be the largest pool of authors.

Adela Varela Lamigueiro (As Pontes de García Rodríguez, 1984) is a journalist. She moved to Madrid in 2002 to study Information Sciences and has lived in the capital ever since. Here she developed her professional career, focusing first on economic information, then on corporate communications.

Technical page of the job

Number of pages: 206

Publisher: Independent Books.

Language: Spanish.

Binding: soft cover.

ISBN: 9788417721343.

Place of publication: Madrid

Source: Informacion


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