Vetusta Morla: “We make our music with new materials”

Ancient Morla I just came back from mexico tomorrow he will start his new album ‘Cable a tierra’ tour in Valencia. “We have prepared super special concert -In a phone call with Levante-EMV, the band’s drummer David García says ‘El Indio’. We’ve included some elements that we’ve found very interesting in recent years. We researched, enjoyed and learned traditional, root music and thought of introducing a folk or popular orchestra of six musicians for the tour. We also prepared a special landscape based on the album’s art and I think it’s going to be great”.

I could see it in networks that use everyday materials as tools.

That’s exactly what this little folk orchestra does. They play different instruments, some simpler, some are related to the Iberian Peninsula tradition that most of us are unaware of, even though our grandparents did it generations ago. is the use everyday items such as musical instruments, for percussion. Spoons, jars, a sieve for wheat, a large can of paprika… All of these will be heard at the concerts.

How did they come to this union?

A few years ago, we started focusing on all this music that generations of people living in cities have probably turned their backs on because they come from rural settings. It was music that evoked moments of poverty or sadness associated with the Franco era. But at this point we are ready to freely read all these associations and approach them in a much more natural way, valuing the positive and interesting things they have. We discovered these instruments and new musical instruments and Keep making our music using new materials. We started meeting musicians from this environment, made some friends and asked them to collaborate on the first single, ‘Finisterre’. We loved it and so we wanted to take them on tour.

What do you want to tell in ‘Kablo a tierra’?

The songs describe the experiences of their creators. Frankly, as it unfolds and the album is composed, we understand what was going on, what was being talked about, and where we wanted to go artistically. Artistically, we wanted to introduce these traditional musical elements that we interpreted, and at the lyrical level there are moments related to the resulting situations. most Pandemicbetween quarantine and everything that happens around the worldthat no one has ever experienced before. There is talk of human frailty when all is well, and things happen that make us suddenly see that we can disappear as we are here. There is also talk of generational change and the conflicts that can be produced when they get old and others want a step behind. We have our own point of view in such situations.

The album brings with it a mini-series of three video clips. What does it mean?

This comes from an audiovisual piece beyond a video clip we wanted to make years ago. While preparing the album, the idea of ​​making a trilogy of the three most representative songs came up. We spoke with Patrick Knot, a filmmaker, to come up with a story to cover all three video clips. A wonderful piece called ‘Matria’ is out and it has ‘Virgin of Humanity’, ‘Puñalada trapera’ and ‘Corazón de lava’ in it. we very satisfied with the result, the focus is very accurate. I think it is one of the times when images best accompanies the music.

In addition Latin AmericaThere were also some European capitals such as Amsterdam or Paris with this tour. Is it easy to transport people who don’t know the language?

In fact, most of our audience consists of Spanish audiences. On the one hand, the people living there because of the 2008 crisis saw that there were no job opportunities here in Spain and they left, and another segment of the Spanish people are people traveling from Spain. To these cities to see us in smaller rooms is a hard thing to have here.

As ‘Cable a Tierra’ comes to an end, “may your favorite band have many more years to come”. What awaits Vetusta Morla in the future? Your best song yet to come?

I hope, I hope, and I think so (laughs). As long as there is a desire to continue making songs, of course we will continue to try our best.

For now, is there a project in sight?

Well, we always have things waiting, ideas… The creative part needs to be constantly fed. The greatest works are always albums, but there are times when some songs just can’t get in and are interesting at the same time, so there’s always one in the drawer that we want to save.

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