MARQ takes gladiator fights to Tossal de Manises

archaeological site Manises Launch As of this weekend, it turns into an arena for gladiator fights. VII Days of Historical Rest Lucentum Reviviscit. This initiative BRAND, its aim is to develop this residential area and complete the international Gladiators exhibition. Colosseum Heroes with new events, get started this weekend and will last until October.

In this edition and on this example occasion from Italy, the theme of the conference will focus on the process of organizing fight demonstrations, the different types and equipment of gladiators, ludus or rules and training in the rules of fighting.

a) Yes. The proposal will consist of four scenes to show: hiring (show organization), Education (training and preparation session), fun (funeral) and Gladiatorum munera (gladiator fight).

First performances of Lucentum Reviviscit-2022 Saturday, May 14 -10.30-13.00 and 17.00-20.00- and sunday 15 -10.30-13.00- with capacity Maximum 250 people per pass. Also, the price of each session three eurosFree for children up to 7 years old and tickets MARQ cabinetsin itself shiny residue (Tossal de Manises) or via instant ticket. A sound system adapted for people with reduced mobility has been installed so that all visitors can follow the performance on the site.

The largest recreation performed on the site

Vice President and Vice President for Culture, Julia Parrapresented what will happen largest recreation ever performed on the site will have the participation 43 people From the Cultural Association “Hispania Romana, a group from Alicante based in Villajoyosa and 15 extras from the Gesta Gladiatoria association.

The Head of Culture underlined. singularity of these representations This represents an opportunity to get closer to the Roman city of Lucentum. “I would like to emphasize the value of remembering these fights in a setting where gladiator fights really took place 2,000 years ago, in a setting where there were no amphitheaters. The Roman forum was where they took place. These data provide more realism and add appeal to these recreations.”

José Alberto Cortés, Julia Parra, Manuel Olcina and José Lloret, yesterday.

Also, the director of MARQ, Manuel Olcinaemphasized the importance of recreation for all audiences. “It’s about representing living events, with real people, in the most truthful manner and with the utmost care, without recreating ourselves in violence,” he said.

Managing Director of the MARQ Foundation, José Alberto CortesThe Cultural Association of Hispania Romana stressed the importance of “having cooperation with the dean in historical recreation and the study of the Roman world”.

On his behalf, the representative of this organization, Joseph LloretWith these actions, he explained, “we want to promote the legacy and teach all the processes and rituals associated with gladiators, from recruitment, burial and training to combat.”

activity program

Julia Parra announced that in addition to performances at the Lucentum site, MARQ will develop “a comprehensive cultural program of high quality, on par with a high-end tourism destination like Alicante.” Exhibition gladiators. Colosseum Heroes will be completed with round tables Y scientific conferences.

There will be a day between them. conferences which will take place in the first two weeks of October. Italian and Spanish experts to analyze gladiator and amphitheater figures as structures of great architectural, cultural and social value.

Also, an improved comprehensive training program It will start on May 21 and will last until October.

On the occasion of these representations, throughout this weekend suppressed the service of guided passes and free visits to the site will not be allowed. Tickets can be purchased from the MARQ box office, on site and via Instanticket.

Julia Parra has confirmed that the exhibition has received more than 13,000 visitors since its opening on April 13. “Very good news that we are celebrating this first month of the exhibition, which has been a complete success thanks to the MARQ team and the eight participating museums,” said the MP.

Source: Informacion


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